View Full Version : Renzo Rosso of Diesel expands his empire.

03-18-2007, 10:59 PM
I just came across these news, although it's a bit old, but STAFF International, which is owned by Diesel and produces Margiela and D2 bought another Italian manufacturer, Pier SpA that produces stuff for Dries van Noten, Chloe, Dior Homme, etc. Along with the Sophia Kokosalaki purchase, Renzo Rosso's little empire is becoming quite formidable.</p>

</p><h5>October 16, 2006</h5>

<h3 id="a000370">Diesel Head Scoops Up Italy's Pier</h3>

Diesel head Renzo Rosso has scooped up Italian clothing manufacturer
Pier SpA, saying he wanted to acquire knowledge of its high-end ?made
in Italy? production. </p>

Pier, which manufactures for brands such as Chloé, Dries Van Noten
and Dior Homme, brought in sales of about $13 million last year. </p>

Rosso previously purchased manufacturing firm Staff International,
which produces collections for Diesel, Dsquared, and Vivienne Westwood,
among others. </p>