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Thread: Jil Sander Women's FW11

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    Default Jil Sander Women's FW11

    It's good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droogist View Post
    It's good.
    ah, yes. I'm convinced.

    this dress: genius

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    wow this IS good shit , some very nice shapes and rich colors

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    the colors are also great.
    good collection

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    nice collection

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    not feeling this, especially the overblown part - Balenciaga does it better. The skinny silhouettes are nice, but nothing special.
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    Really like those "pocket" dresses but the turquoise on the first few pieces kinda hurts my eye, reminds me of surgical masks...

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    Not feeling this either... I'm really getting tired of Raf.

    The dresses are seriously unflattering.

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    There are tip offs to Balenciaga & Venet in this collection, but the structural stuff works better here than recent collections from Ghesquière.

    For me the simplicity of the colors brings out the shape more, rather than the rampant ornamentation of Balenciaga's stuff. With that said it would be nice to see Raf take some more chances, at least that's the one thing with Ghesquière, he's always trying to push the design somewhere new, even if it is not always successful

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    If she has any tears left, Jil will weep. This has moved so far from her vision and essence. And I think that matters.

    Not a bad collection. Comme light, but is it going to be the final nail for the private equity backers?

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    I like the higher rise pants, but I would prefer if they were a little looser, they're starting to look like leggings. Wish more women wore slim pants to the office

    The sleeved cocoon dresses remind me of Hussein Chayalan or what Bruno pieters did for Hugo Boss.

    Oversized billowy shapes are unflattering. They make these 90 lb eastern european girls look pregnant. Remember the missy elliot music video

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    i have to say it's good. cohesive, progressive, unexpected, extremely sophisticated.

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