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Thread: Various goodies for sale. CCP/Rick/LMaltieri - M/48/50

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    Default Goodies for sale. CCP/LMaltieri/LUC/Dior Homme - M/48/50

    Howdy folks! It's been a long time! I've decided that I'm gonna unload some goodies purchased via SZ over the years to ease my suffering. I'll list them here for a short while before trying other avenues. I've bought and sold many items on the board before, so I'm sure I can come up with a reference or two (assuming they are still here). eBay is flawless (spencio!)

    Prices include shipping w/tracking in the States. Everywhere else it'll cost extra as especially the big ticket items will have to be tracked.

    I accept Paypal payments via the gift option. If you prefer to go the normal route, pay the fees and no worries.

    I can take additional pics and / or measurements of whatever you desire. Pics are mine unless noted. Hit me up via PM with any questions. More items to follow depending on how these go.

    (PS: wow I don't remember photobucket being that shitty!)


    The black overlock. Classic Carol and still in my opinion the best leather jacket ever made. Perfect condition. Comes with bag but no tags. Would best fit a 48 or slim 50. $3000

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    Default CCP

    CCP Pantograph Ring. SOLD

    CCP curve knee trousers. SOLD
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    Default LMaltieri

    LMaltieri linen blazer SOLD
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    i gots tha linens!! - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    Default Dior Homme / LUC

    Dior Homme Bomber. Ahhh how into DH I was back in the day. Strip... Luster... So many classics passed thru my hands. This is one of the few pieces of that era I've held onto. Hesitant to sell so asking what I paid. Perfect condition. No bag or tags. Size 50 and fits pretty true. 48 would be great also. $1000

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    OG fencing for 3600 = a steal
    dying and coming back gives you considerable perspective

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    To whoever got them bone derbies, please hit me with a pm if they don't work out..
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    somebody should kop this. this is forever.

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    Default Hey looks it's an update! LUC Jeans

    Updated my previous for sale thread. Everything is currently available. First post info has been completely updated.

    Label Under Construction jeans. Black. Not sure of size but fit a sliiiim 50, 48 best or a larger 46. No tags but perfect condition. $200

    Waist - 16 1/2
    Thigh - 12 1/4
    Inseam - 35
    Hem 7 1/4

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    Default Price drops

    Lowered prices. Any additional pics or measurements hit me up!

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    Default Items removed and price drops.

    Some items have sold, the rest lowered...

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    Default Final price drops

    Final price drops. Any questions please ask!

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