with the crisp air outside i'm starting to wear my scarves again, so bear with me i have a couple of questions i'm curious about:

how do you display your scarves? right now i have them in sight, hanging on pegs, it makes it easy to choose, but i have cats and they think that my most expensive ones make the best toys. i'm wondering about a wood cubby kind of thing for them that i could install similar to built ins.

shawls or scarves or both, together...? i've done this.
i love big wool shawls, often instead of a coat and then i wear a smaller scarf as an accessory. scarves have become a seasonal purchase for me. do you have favorites that get worn year after year or do most women add each year?

lastly, plain, graphic prints or florals, what do women on this board mostly wear? my three favorites are a long, wool warm scarf from label under construction, a black/burgundy/grey block print from dries and most recently lost and found's polaroid version.