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    Since nobody has commented here on this designer yet, I'll start. This is the video linked to online at the SZ Magazine, for those who missed it:

    See her website for more, you can download pdf's of all the designs. Some retail.

    Her designs are some of the most compelling I've ever seen, and I like the use of horrific, fantastic, mythic and sci-fi elements throughout. When I saw the above image, I immediately thought of the moths in Perdido Street Station. Cringeworthy in the best way. The Medusa-body lady is also wonderfully grotesque. I thought at first Ms. van Houten reminded me a bit of Pugh, but then again she's not always playing with androgyny, because although grotesque, some of the figures are also unsettlingly appealing. She also reminds me a bit of Bruno Pieters because the designs are so geometrical, or perhaps they just appear that way because they're so anti-form-fitting. But comparisons are a dime a dozen, so I'll stop. She did intern with McQueen, though.

    I'd like to hear others' thoughts. Let the pejorative, "costumey," be censored.

    Oh, and one last, very important observation:

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    I think she is absolutely brilliant. The whole 3D printing method produces things that sewing cannot. Sure, it is extreme, but from a creativity perspective, it's pretty damn awesome.
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    Wow. All her works look fantastic and stunning. If you didn't bring this up, I won't even take a notice of this designer. Thanks a lot.

    But the first picture that you post. The clothes look a bit the same style as Junya Watanabe.

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    She's great. And I actually think that some pieces are perfectly wearable in the right environment, and the ones that are not make beautiful design objects.

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    Wow...seriously. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th outfits just gobsmacked me. Seriously impressive. I'm actually...speechless in how I can applaud the designer in her creativity...let's just leave it at: love it.

    This is certainly wearable:

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    This may very well be simply because it is not my taste but I don't like any of this work. To me it seems like nothing more than technical masturbation. Designers talking to designers, in a way. Of course everything is expertly made but craftsmanship is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. The craft and execution doesn't lead me anywhere other than futuristic outfits that don't really seem to have a cohesive vision behind it other than make visually bombastic pieces all vying for attention.

    Formally discordant, conceptually weak.

    As always I'm willing to be convinced otherwise.

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