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Thread: Makeup and Skincare

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    Keep in mind that on top of Camellia oil, I have been a devoted user of Dr Sebagh skin care products. My regiment is as follows:

    Morning: Cleaning Dr Sebagh's Foaming Cleanser (150 mL 28 GBP). Moisturizing -- two drops of Dr. Sebagh's Serum Repair (Professional Size 50 mL 86.25 GBP), a drop of Dr. Sebagh's Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum (60 mL 215 GBP) on each cheek.

    Night: Cleaning Dr. Sebagh's Foaming Cleanser (150 mL 28 GBP). Moisturizing -- two drops of Camellia oil over face. Same quantity of Serum Repair and Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum that I use in the morning.

    Every other week: Dr. Sebagh's Deep Exfoliating Mask (50 mL 59 GBP). Alternating weeks: One layer of Aesop's Primrose Facial Cleansing Mask (20 mL $40). Layer one My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask (10 sheets $12.99 @ Amazon. 2 boxes will last one year) over the mud mask and wait 15 minutes. Wipe off the clay with the sheet mask. Rinse with warm water.

    This is a pretty easy, reasonably inexpensive, basic skincare routine. I've been doing this pretty religiously for the last five years. The amounts I've listed above will last approximately one year, so it's reasonably priced. I tend to buy the items from Dr. Sebagh's when the items I want are offered as a free gift with purchase to minimize cost.

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    Thanks, MBD. I put in an order. If any of it isn't great for me, I'll send it to you. ;)

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    My makeup involves 3 things:
    1. Huda Beauty BB Cream
    2. MAC Lipstick
    3. Naked Longlasting Mascara

    A part from this. A lot of water intake and cleansing my face every night with cotton pads dipped in chilled milk helps me to look great and fresh.

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    Do any of you ladies use NIOD (or The Ordinary) at all?
    I've been using the NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex and Copper Amino Isolate Serum 2:1 in conjunction with The Ordinary's Niacinimide 10% and would have to say I feel like my skin is the clearest and most even in tone it's ever been, especially since using the CAIS. I still have some feint redness around my nostrils but I feel a lot more confident to go bare-skinned (tinted moisturiser) or to simply use a BB cream rather than being heavily reliant on a medium coverage foundation as I used to.

    I also bought some high-strength Azaelic Acid to use at night but I forget to use it regularly. My skin doesn't seem to respond well to chemical exfoliants (as in, no response at all - even The Ordinary 30% AHA does little to resurface my skin).

    I am noticing lots of fine lines around my eyes which only Botox seems to control, but I can't afford to get it done regularly (#starvingartist). I'm wondering if micro needling in conjunction with the MMHC would be helpful?
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    I actually just picked up some Niacinimide but haven't yet integrated it into the routine — I try to add/change a step no more than once every 2 weeks so that I can see how I adapt to the change. I have just decided to give retinol another chance, though I have had only so-so results with it in the past. I am pretty fortunate in that I'm in my mid-40s but my biggest issue is hyperpigmentation caused by decades of hormonal birth control and some scarring. I am really interested in skin care, though, and I'm curious as to what everyone is using.

    Like MBD, I was using Dr Sebagh, but it hasn't always been the easiest thing to replenish as I've been livingon the road, so my current regimen is total hodgepodge of stuff from all over.

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    I started using The Ordinary July 2018, kind of went overboard with the actives (Vit C+Ferulic+Marine Hyaluronics + SPF50 sunscreen in the AM, EUK 134, retinol 0,05 + squalane oil in the PM) and my skin did NOT like it. Started to streamline it especially given Retinol purging and my routine now looks like this:
    AM: Kikumasamune High Moist lotion --> The Ordinary Vit C suspension in HA spheres mixed with CeraVe --> Biore spf50 Sunscreen
    PM: Kiku high moist --> RetinA 0,025% --> CeraVe with some drops of hemp/safflower oil

    My skin is still prone to getting tiny superficial red zits here and there but has gotten very smooth and "glowy" . Unfortunately haven't seen a huge difference regarding the lil blackheads on my nose though (not too visible but they irk me)

    I recommend checking out Dr Dray's channel on YouTube (she's a dermatologist), I tend to skip her lifestyle/vlog videos and go straight to the Q&A and product reviews. Another good skincare channel is Gothamista.

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    I don't makeup. In life, I buy lotion and toner rather than concealer and eyeliners.

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    I love beauty products from Benefits tho I find them expensive. If I want to keep my budget, I go for Himalaya cream for my face. It's gentle to the skin.

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    I have sensitve skin so I use hypoallergenic make ups. Burt's bees, Physician's formula, tarte, clnque and bareminerals

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