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Thread: Nicolas Andreas Taralis F/W 2012

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    Default Nicolas Andreas Taralis F/W 2012

    No blood stained shirts this time.

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    I am a bit torn on this. I really like the first six looks, the combination of sharp tailored jackets and flowing skirts is always a win in my eyes and those are some damn nice jackets. However, I am not keen on the shiny fabrics.
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    The men's is exactly what I want to be wearing. Sharp yet somewhat 'broken', and perfectly executed.
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    Solid. I like it. Love those women's jackets.
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    i can see how this is more appealing to the general consensus here as opposed to his earlier seasons, but i still favor his earlier works, specifically around fw06 and ss07. atleast the mens tailoring looks roughly the same. also i have not been a fan of the fabrics he has been using the last couple of seasons tho. however, that full leather coat does look quite good.

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    I really like this! There's ann and haider and rick and maybe old helmut lang? Anyway, some beautiful work. Very wearable but also new and interesting.

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    He worked for Hedi Slimane for awhile right?

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    AFAIK he worked at Dior in 2000, and before that he 'studied under' Helmut Lang
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    The women's is stronger, but this is good, real good.
    Super sharp tailoring but very relaxed at the same time. A very coherent and well styled collection.

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    Probably says more about me than NAT, but everything decent is the recycled stuff from the early seasons. Everything new looks clumsy and overly busy. Still, it's leaps and bounds better than the last two seasons.

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    is it just me or EVERYTHING/EVERYONE is beginning to look the same!!!

    feels like a 'best of' compilation of various (very guess-able) designers...

    but a nice collection nevertheless...
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    yeah, i feel the same way. he seems to be borrowing from numerous stylings popular at the moment. this collection is not distinctly taralis; any look could be mistaken for another current designer. his early collections, while still reminiscent of others, were more easily identifiable as his own. the rift seems to be before closing his label and after restarting it. perhaps he is trying to cater to a larger demographic out of fear of having to shut down again.
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    looks like he's evolved along similar lines as many of us sz-ers from the [initial] hedi slimane dior homme onto the current prevalent artisan aesthetic... and seems to be also quite conscious of this hence borrowing bits and pieces from a wider range simultaneously recalling helmut lang coupling with haider ackermann etc...

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