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Thread: MA+, Paul Harnden, Individual Sentiments, silent by DD, KKA (sizes 46-50)

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    Default MA+, Paul Harnden, Individual Sentiments, silent by DD, KKA (sizes 46-50)

    Items located in NYC. Would prefer to meet up and sell cash in person, but as always will ship if need be.

    Measurements and photos will follow soon!

    PM me with any questions

    I am interested in trades for:
    CCP size 48/50 shoes size 7. 2006 and newer seasons please
    very interested in tornado zips, overlock leather, breadsticks, belts.
    Guidi or MA+ bags
    LUC jeans/cardigan/sweaters
    Original Rick Owens nike-esque sneakers 41,42,43 any condition
    RO shorts (especially the blistered lamb)
    Anything interesting!

    MA+ pleated knee denim jeans
    very heavy denim
    sz50, all the usual silver and more
    great shape and dyed a darker black with hints of blue
    Worn maybe 5 times, so in perfect condition
    ic] shipped in US priority as gift or add 4% for paypal fees
    Crotch to top in the front:9.5
    Crotch to top in the back: 13
    Top laid flat and buttoned:17.25
    Thigh at crotch:12
    These are in perfect condition and are seriously amazing. Handmade in Italy as the tags indicate. I believe these now retail for like 3x what I am asking (correct me if I am wrong please)

    Paul Harnden Hopscotch Hat
    New with tags
    size SMALL
    $sold shipped in US
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    Updated with pics, measurements and additions

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    Lots of interest in the jeans with some trade offers. Would rather sell than trade, but keep the trade offers coming.

    Price Drops on 3 of the 4 items left.

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