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Thread: DIY: Re-dipping CCP rubber dipped sneakers

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    originalreo- After a few times..? Did the pasti-dip basically wear off that fast?

    That first picture looks interesting. Guidi dipped?
    yes , i put whole boots in to it , really great out come.

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    Great work. There are no words, the boots are like brand new and wondering where you bought the rubber from, does it comes with other colors as well? ( white ? )

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    search "plasti-dip"on ebay. there is white, yellow, blue, red and black.

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    ^ I think that's the best way around it. Best to have a cobbler add a nice (perhaps even impact reducing) sole, then possibly cover it over with more rubber if you really want to.
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    somebody should kop this. this is forever.

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    Might try something like this:

    They made a flexible prop baton which they said is durable and flexible:

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