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Thread: RO, CCP, HL, Guidi, Dior 44-52 Something for All.

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    Default RO, CCP, HL, Guidi, Dior 44-52 Something for All.

    New sales thread as I couldnt modify the title of my last one for some reason. This thread will be complete with all my own pics and measurements by the end of the day tomorrow. I'll be using some archive pics temporarily until then. Stay tuned.

    Most pics are located in this album

    Only interested in trades for CCP or Guidi boots that would fit EU42-42.5 and CCP in 48 or Dior Homme Suiting in 46 or 48

    *Note All prices INCLUDE USPS Priority shipping with tracking within the continental US. Insurance is additional and International will pay the difference. Also add 4% paypal fee or send as a gift.

    1. Carol Christian Poell: MALE 2009 Chain Seam Spiral Pants sz48 (fit46-48) bone color

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    3. Rick Owens Main Line FW/10 Black Moleskin Scuba sz Large


    4. Very Rare Rick Owens Main Line FW High neck cotton/leather sherpa sz medium but fits 44-46 in black

    Details. I purchased this from another member a while back and its just too small for me. I am a 48 and I can barely zip it with just a t-shirt but thats as far as I can go, I would say this would fit best a 46 or even a 44 depending on your winter layering style. I would love to trade this for a larger size so pm me if you are looking to size down. I hardly see this style and until I saw this one they were always in full leather. So this is a pretty rare piece. Condition is 9/10 it has been worn but there are no real visible flaws. Leather details on collar are Calf skin.

    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) a little less than 20" but keep in mind this is a very thick jacket
    s2s 16.75"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 24"
    front length: 25"
    sleeves: 29.25"

    Price:$1100>$1000> $900

    5. Rick Owens Mainline Bomber in White Nylon sz Small


    Price $400

    6. RO/ drkshdw ss/2009 Corduroy Jean jacket with heavy hammered lambskin sleeves sz Medium fits 46/slim 48. NWT (barneys tag) grey/black

    Details. 10/10 I'm pretty sure this is ss/2009 but I'm not 100% sure. Its a ss rendition based on the inner sling, but is made of very thick corduroy body and very thick/substantial hammered lambskin sleeves with zippered cuffs. The leather on these sleeves is just as thick as my calf skin rick pieces and is nothing like the paper thin current releases. This is new and unworn (torso is too short for me). Barneys store tag is still attached but I dont have the drkshdw tag.


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) a little less than 20"
    s2s 17"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 23.5"
    front length: 24.5"
    across the bottom: adjustable from 17.5" to 18.5"
    sleeves: 29.5"

    Price: SOLD

    7. Rick Owens Mainline Nylon Pilots Jacket, black sz Medium (fits 46/slim 48)


    7.b. rick owens stooges nwt champaign lambskin sz medium (spot on 48, 50 may be able to squeeze in and stretch)

    details: new with tags very minor marks from being moved around my closet nothing really that couldn't be wiped off, kind of the nature of a white leather jacket. this is more of an interest check as i'm likely going to keep and wear it, but if before that i get my asking price i'll let it go. retail was $3k+


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 20.75"
    s2s 17"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 24"
    front length: 25"
    sleeves: 29"

    Price: $1500>$1400>$1300>$1250

    Fit pics:

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    8. rick owens silk pilot style, knee length jacket black sz sm (ss09 strutter (trench doppio petto ru7955)

    details: nwt fabric content tag says 100% silk. this jacket is amazing the arms are very slim and fit very snug. great "pilot" styled shoulder construction this will fit a 46 relaxed in the body ( the way its intended) or 48 for a more fitted look. either way looks great i've never seen another like this.


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 20"
    s2s 16.5" (but expands due to construction)
    back length from bottom of collar bottom: 39"
    front length: 40"
    sleeves: 29.5"

    Price: $1100>$1000>$900>$850

    9. Rick Owens leather/cotton combo black sz medium nwt

    details: new with tags, never worn. this is a perfect spring/summer leather piece. its not too heavy, but doesn't feel paper thin like the current season pieces. i have too many black leathers that i'm keeping to justify keeping this one too.

    fabric content: (the biggest mix of fabrics i've ever seen on a jacket)

    50% lamb
    31% cotton
    10% nylon
    1% polyurethane

    40% cotton
    30% rayon
    15% silk
    15% acetate


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 20.5"
    s2s 17"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 26"
    front length: 27"
    sleeves: 29"

    Price $1200>$1100>$1050 SOLD

    10. rick owens crust a/w 09 geo/funnel neck wool jacket sz m (a/w10 gleam)

    details: this has been hanging in a garment bag in my closet since i purchased it only really wore this one time right after purchasing it .

    61%wool 31% nylon 8% silk

    labeled as dark dust color

    p2p: 20"
    front length : apx 27" when zipped to the top apx 25" with collar relaxed
    s2s apx 17"
    sleeves: 29"
    across bottom 18.75"

    price: $650>$600>$550

    11. RO Drkshdw Full Length Hooded Moleskin Parka with distressed treatment Sz M

    This jacket is in great condition, Not sure the season, its S/S 09 or 10 I'm pretty sure. This jacket is pretty fitted in shoulders and sleeves but very relaxed through the body, its a great top layer and is super warm. Would work on a typical medium for that lightly over sized look, or Could work on Standard L for a more fitted look.

    Measurements (This is a thicker jackets so measurements a bit big)
    P2P apx 23"
    S2S: 17"
    Length 40"
    Sleeves 29"


    Exactly the same jacket and even same size as sold by another member in this thread...

    12. early rick owens prototype lamb skin jacket. fits best large or 50


    i believe this is an early version of whats now called "ricks jacket" in two tone colorway. this leather is very soft was told it is kangaroo, probably the softest leather i've ever felt on a jacket. it has a very heavy #10 ry zipper it has no no indicated size tags but fits between a medium and large. its in good used condition, could use a professional leather cleaning, tiny pen mark on the left shoulder, but should come out easily when cleaned.


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 22"
    s2s 18"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 23"
    front length: 24"
    across the bottom: adjustable from 17.5" to 18.5"
    sleeves: 29.5"


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    13. Rick Single Button Owens Blazer L $500>$400>$350

    This has been worn sparingly and is from quite a few seasons ago, pretty rare pre Mens line, but I'm exactly sure which season. It is tagged IT 46 but it fits very large I would say it would ideally fit 50 or slim 52. Condition is 7/10, very slight discoloring on the inside lining. No other visible imperfections. 100% Wool with silk blend lining. Shoulders are padded.
    Measurements: p2p 20.5"
    shoulders: 16.25"
    Back Length: 28.5"
    Sleeves Shoulder to cuff: 28"

    15. Helmut Lang Black Wool Zipper Convertible Coat Sz Medium (50)

    details: barely worn, maybe a handful of times, bottom zips off to convert to a bomber length jacket. labeled medium, but fits rather large, but meant to be a top layer over coat. the few times i wore this, it fit will over a suit.


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 23"
    s2s raglan
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 40" at full length, 26" when zipped shorter
    front length: 41" when at full length, 27" when zipped shorter
    sleeves: 28" apx again hard to measure due to raglan shoulders

    Price: $700>$600>$550$500

    16. In Aisce Blistered Lamb Super high slouch neck jacket Sz III (48)

    also, an interest check, but would sell for the right offer, i've never worn this out of the house. but spring is coming so that may not last long. it can be styled a number of different ways, as i've shown, make it a hood, wear it as a cape...


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 20.5"
    s2s 16.75"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 25"
    front length: 26"
    sleeves: 29"

    17. RO Drkshdw jean jacket, early iteration Tagged XL but fits M/L apx IT 50 slim 52 (see measurements)

    Details: I've had this for quite some time and have worn it maybe 5 times. I'm pretty sure this is from the first drkshdw season. It is tagged XL but fits small Id say best for IT50. Sleeves are fully lined with nylon that continues through the armpit and down the sides of the jacket on the inside.


    p2p (hard to measure due to cut) 21.5"
    s2s 17.5"
    back length from bottom of collar waist: 24"
    front length: 25"
    across the bottom: adjustable from 18" to 19"
    sleeves: 28"

    Price: $400>$350>$300>$275>$250

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    Most pictures (on IT48 mannequin actually from Italy) added and measurements will follow tomorrow, in the mean time PM me if theres any piece you would like priority measurements on Full detain shots can be found in this album:
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    All prices dropped all offers considered. Someone should be wearing these!
    sale items

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    Still have a lot left in this thread. Ill stream line it later but bump for offers
    sale items

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