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Thread: WTB: Cropped Trousers [44-46]

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    Default WTB: Cropped Trousers [44-46]

    Spring is here. Soon summer. Need cropped trousers.

    I'm looking for something specific aesthetically. but brand, not so much. (Ann, Lad, etc whatever)

    1. Length to end just about the ankle
    2. Slim-cut, slight taper fine as well, hem <18cm
    3. Side slit pockets
    4. Black
    5. Waist <40cm

    Pretty much something like these.
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    bump want rick dbllayer tees

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    Just curious - do you have more info on what that guy is wearing?

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    the trousers he's wearing are Lad.

    can't remember the rest. knew it at some point but can't recall. sorry.

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