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Thread: Updated! FS: LUC [46], RO Scuba [S], Ann Jacket [S], Julius Jeans [2], MA+ Boots [41]

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    Default Updated! FS: LUC [46], RO Scuba [S], Ann Jacket [S], Julius Jeans [2], MA+ Boots [41]

    Final prices on my items left for sale. Prices are in AUD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees. All prices now firm.

    NB: Everything here was purchased new by me, unless otherwise stated. Probably still have original tags for most items.

    LUC Tussah Knit

    Size 46, fits TTS. Originally purchased from INK. Worn 3 times max. Usually stored folded, only on a hanger for this photo.

    Price: SOLD

    Ann Dem Jacket

    Size S. Fits a 46 with room for layer or a 48. Runs more true to size than most of other Ann Dem stuf I've handled (I'm usually an XS in Ann). Retailed for some crazy $1300 AUD.

    Price: $300

    RO Blistered Lamb Scuba

    Size S. Purchased this from a friend and came in basically new condition. Worn it about 3 or 4 times since. Have original receipt from LVR.

    Price: IC

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    LUC Fly Yarn J-Pants

    Size 46, fits TTS. Worn about 5 times.

    Price: $475

    Julius Curved Seam Waxed Jeans

    Size 2. From FW10. Condition easily 9/10.

    Price: $350

    MA+ Boots

    Size 41. Condition about 8/10. Vibramed from day one, still have the extra heel thing that came with the boots.

    Price: $1150

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    Is the scuba jacket still available?


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    you're an idiot for wanting to sell those julius pants.

    i have them in size 1. probably one of the most awesome pairs of pants i've ever seen/owned.

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    julius pants are tempting.

    false astronomy.

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