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Thread: Boris Bidjan Saberi

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    I wish I could remember what video I saw it wasn't private of anything like that. Looked around for an hour on the web last night and came up with nothing to show. There was not a great deal of detail, but I can recall for the most part what occurred: 'Boris has a pair of old P13's laid out flat and he quickly applies a semi-viscous black liquid from a paint tray using a regular looking paint roller to a quarter of the jeans. The pants were then quick pressed in an industrial press, with steam or a little smoke being emitted.' That is all that I remember it being with not much explanation of the process (for good reason). If I ever do come across it again, of course I will post it.
    Came acorss it just now accidentally

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    Anyone know if 11 footwear have hit stores yet? I understand they were shipping quite later than other items. Serpentine in Toronto assures me they'll post about it once they land, but the timing seems vague.

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    Couple of styles recently gone up on Vertice London site , maybe worth a �� also been up on Ink , Hong Kong for a while !

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    Dear people of this dormant thread,
    I feel as if the build quality of FW18 pieces is the best it's been since years. Especially regarding construction and cut. After 4 years I finally caved in to the infamous J2 and have to say, this year's iteration is by far the best I ever tried on fit-wise. Also true for the Suit1 jacket, I reckon.
    Anyone picked up pieces from FW yet that'd like to share?

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    Default Collar1 chain trouble

    Has anybody in here had problems with the collar1 necklace?
    From what I've seen BBS replaced the original design this season with a more open link design. I've blown through two chains now (both simply seperated at seemingly random spots) and am fed up with replacing it. Don't really like the new design judging by the pics from bbsny tbh. Naybody else had these problems with their chain?

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