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Thread: Boris Bidjan Saberi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hertz View Post
    My friend, fully agree. In fact, that's what I said above. They look like they could survive the Armageddon, but unfortunately do not survive one mile of walking...

    I don't regret buying my Bambas, though. Arguably not the best money I've spend, of course. But not a shitload of money, so no big worries.
    I don’t regret neither, actually for the price I ve paid them it is fair enough (Darklands bargain) I was just disappointed about the product itself, I was expecting a "built like tank" Shoe.
    But they remain a beautiful pair and they are great to pair with large pants, I like the crossover between big hip hop sneakers and trail shoes. The overall shoe’s aesthetic is very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p2h View Post
    all CCP tornado I ve seen had a heel counter, or it is directly stitched to the boot or on rooms You can basically even see the construction through leather.
    Maybe old models were built like that but I didnít have my hands on
    Hmm, my mistake. Just took a look at my tornados from early 2013 and they do have a heel counter, just a really soft one compared to the side zips, derbies, etc.

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