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Thread: How Yoox became The Amazon of the Fashion World

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    Default How Yoox became The Amazon of the Fashion World

    Tying in with some of the recent threads on the forum, this article on Yoox was in one of the UK's big weekend broadsheets

    Marchetti is not one of those who insist that stores in the real world should become largely showrooms where the till is rarely troubled and all the real deals are done online. "I remember people saying that the fashion show will disappear and it will all go online. And that didnít happen. Itís the same with physical stores. For one thing, we are talking about a ratio of about 97 per cent [in store] to three per cent [online] in terms of sales. So letís be realistic. The stores will always be there and they will always be the main business.

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    Interesting little read here... I had no idea "the corner" was part of them as well. Dudes be like "Illuminati."

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    Yoox has decent stuff. Really interesting how they evolved.

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    Wow. Rad share. I find great basics (and the occasional pleasant surprise) on Yoox, and to be honest, I had wondered how the company handled shipping. They carry so many labels it's a little overwhelming. But they use 'aliens' (naturally, right?). Glad to know that we're living in the future!

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