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Thread: Rick Owens S/S 15 - Men's, Paris

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    Ive been looking to get a new pair of sneakers for a while. Im kinda torn right now between KVA icarus, the geometrical from Julius prism collection and the springblade highs. Antonioli has them and Ive been tempted to go ahead and buy them but have restrained myself, for now. Id also like to know how the highs feel.

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    the polygon shoes are kind of heavy, and from the sample version they literally went down a kilo, next season they have a hidden heel installed...

    also i am kind of annoyed how people wear them on the street when i see them, but that is a seperate problem.
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    Try to use a phone camera in broad daylight or use a proper camera.
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    I've found it extremely pleasant and enthralling over repeated whiffs so I would highly recommend.

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    Sorry, forgot. Jared Leto.
    Would have never guessed

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    Did anyone buy the springblade highs? I'd like to know what people think about how they feel when wearing. I can not find them anywhere in-store, and I'm thinking of getting them now that they're starting to appear at sale prices.
    I would love to try a pair on, just to see how they feel ( My personal guess is akin to a WWII era tank, one with those caterpillar tracks ). But I think after getting a feel for them id imagine the novelty would fade pretty quickly for me.

    P.s. Apparently the r/streetwear sub on reddit has given an unofficial "driving hazard" label on those bad boys

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