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Thread: RIP Lost53

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    oh man, this is terrible. didn't know him but James seemed like a nice guy; this is sad to see . my condolences to his family and loved ones.

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    Default James

    Thanks Ramy, thanks people.

    It comes as a comfort to hear your memories of James and i will share them with his family and friends.

    We were sitting in the Chapel a fine cocktail bar in Berlin over an "English social" number of viper martinis and he told me the advice his nan once gave him. "James do it while you can" and i think he took that advice to heart.

    We did not have that special glint in James' eye or irascible smile in our lives nearly as long as we wished but such was the intensity of everything he did that we will be finding little nuggets and gems of James just when we need them most for much time to come.

    All the same when we lost James it was if we lost a colour from the pallet, the world will always look different now.

    Really thanks for your kind comments and thoughts


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    real sad news... exchanged conversations through sz several times. real easy going guy :(

    RIP and my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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    Rest in peace James - a true gentleman - your thoughtful presence will be missed.

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    Terrible and resounding loss dealt to the small community that we have here. Rest in peace, James. My condolences to everyone who feels his loss.

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    Ohh I shared some PM with him, he was really nice.
    RIP James...

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    Sad news again, rest in peace James.
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    Deeply saddened to hear this news... exchanged a few mail with him too and he was a very pleasant person.

    May he rest in peace, my sincere condolences to his family.

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    I think it would be really nice, if we as a community could think of something to do to honor our fallen members when they pass......

    In this particular instance, the level of outpouring of reselect for James seems to suggest that everyone with whom he came in contact with had the utmost respect for the manner in which he conducted himself.

    I think it would be a nice thing if his family in their time of grief would know and understand that he had left a positive impression on a significant number of people he was in contact with.

    Its just really sad to think about.......
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    i shared some of your comments with james' family and they were deeply touched.


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    Although I didn't know him, I'm sorry for anyone who knew him.

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    That's shit. I dealt with him once about a year back, nice guy - RIP J.

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    Deepest condolences...
    Shared some story with him over the years.
    Really shocked to see this thread.
    Specially after seen his waywt pages back.
    Rest in Peace, J
    May the family be blessed with strenght to go through this.
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    My deepest condolences. May he rest in peace.

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