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Thread: Alexandre Plokhov

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    I am glad to see him back with Nomenklatura as I really like what his eponymous label used to do. I think the first release was hit and miss though with some of it looking really great and some a bit goofy almost. Felt a bit like I could only see myself wearing it as a one off or something as a themed outfit at a queer leaning club night rather than as a long standing wardrobe addition. This second release I think looks way more consistent and actually has a really continuous aesthetic to it rather than being as dress up-ish bar a couple of the looks which I don't rate. The sort of camo ones are actually the looks I am not into so much. I really love some of the mega synthetic ones actually to be honest. The second look is a favorite. That jacket with the full on latex fetish suit level shine on it and belt is hot and funnily was a look I have kind of being trying to find more of recently. Would buy if I had the money at all/was at all convinced I could pull it off.

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