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Thread: fs: ccp drip sneakers [8] / custom dyed dead-end jeans [46 fit 44.5]

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    All items are located in Toronto, Canada.
    Meet up at downtown is always welcome.

    Price do not include shipping/paypal fee unless stated. I accept gift payment.
    Please contact me if you are outside of North America so I can quote the shipping fee for you.
    (PLEASE NOTE: I do not ship to Russia/Ukraine/Poland)

    Also, I am okay with declaring low values on the parcel, but I will not declare anything less than $80.

    I reserved the right to ignore any lowballer.. Let's not waste each other's time.

    No Trade.

    Rick Owens Double Layer Tee [S] (fit XS-S) - Sold
    The Viridi Anne Hooded Scarf [One Size] - Sold
    Ann D feather necklace - Sold
    Ro Combat Boots FW10 [42] - Sold
    Ro Blistered Cap SS08 [L] - Sold
    Guidi Donkey 995 [44] - Sold
    Paul Harnden Bent Pants [XS] - Sold
    Number (N)ine hat [FW07][M] - Sold
    Number (N)ine cashmere cotton jacket/vest set [1/0] [SS08] - Sold
    Ro Drkshdw skirt pants - full length/loose fit [XS] - Sold
    Julius [AW08] Skull Ring [9US/19cm] - Sold
    Rick Owens Geo_08 [XS] - Sold
    YYPH Hakama Pants; Cottons Model. [3] - Sold
    YYPH Hakama Belt; OS - Sold
    Damir Doma (Mainline) braided scarf - Sold
    ccp drip sneaker; Black [8] - Sold
    DRKSHDW Drop Crotch Fleece sweatpants [XS] - Sold
    Boris Bidjan Saberi Cardigan [S] - Sold
    Dior Homme AW10 1 piece scarf blazer [44] - Sold
    Label Under Construction Slanted Shoulder Tee [46] - Sold
    Julius_7 Curved Waxed Longsleeves [1] - Sold
    Julius_7 Fall/Winter 09 Nubuck fur hooded leather jacket. [1] - Sold
    Number (N)ine AW08 My Private Portland Cargo Bomber [2] - Sold
    DRKSHDW Full Zip AW10; Gleam [XS] - Sold
    Undercover Reversible Newboys Cap; Black [OS] - Sold
    ccp drip u sole sneaker; horse-shell/calf-lined Black [8] - Sold
    Julius Inverse Circular Seam Tee; Black [1] - Sold
    The Soloist Long Tail Tanktop; Charcoal [XS]- Sold
    Undercover Babelogue Gloves; Black [OS] - Sold
    ccp one piece fold derbies; urine [8] - Sold
    yyph priest short; Black [OS] - Sold
    juun j. wide brim hat; Black [OS] - Sold
    drkshdw SS08 angel tee; Black [M] - Sold
    drkshdw sleeveless druid hood with short flap; Black [XS] - Sold
    undercover The Amazing Tale Of Zamiang; Black/Cream [OS] - Sold
    undercover Scab Shirt; Black [M] - Sold
    Ann Demeulemeester Bird Print Tank Top; Black [OS] - Sold
    drkshdw OG Grosgrain Short; Black [30] - Sold
    visvim tabi sashiko; Black [10] - Sold
    yyph boxer shoes; Black [5] - Sold
    DBSS destroyed short; Black [2] - Sold
    ccp Drip Sneaker; Black [7] - Sold
    ccp Dead End Shirt; White [46] - Sold
    Dior Homme 6.5 Chelsea Boots [42] - Sold
    Paul Harnden Silk Jerkin; Black [S] - Sold
    Raf Simons All Shadow & Deliverance (AW05/06); Black [46] - Sold
    Julius Tailored Destroyed Ram Skin (SS06); Black [2] - Sold
    Rick Owens Cargobasket; Black [42] - Sold
    ma+ raw edges wool aviator (07) - Sold
    ccp corawo scarstitches coat; Black [46] - IC
    guidi m10; Black - Sold
    ccp Object Dyed diverge belt; Calf/Black [46] - Sold
    undercover 85 jeans; Black [Altered to fit 27-28] - Sold
    werkstatt munchen 6 combination rings; size M - Sold
    mmm nail ring; Brass size M - Sold
    chrome heart floral cross ring; size M - Sold
    chrome hearts floral eternity; size 2cm - Sold
    chrome hearts thin spacer; size 1.9cm - Sold
    chrome hearts true fucking punk spacer; size 1.9cm - Sold
    werkstatt munchen wounded ring; size M - Sold
    Rick Owens Blistered Two-Tones Pilot [46] - Sold
    Beated Vanilla Guidi Sidezip; [44] - Sold
    MA+ SS13 .925/Leather Tab Ring; [2cm] - Sold
    ccp kangaroo drip sneakers; Black [8] - Sold
    damir doma double layer shorts; Black [44] - Sold
    ccp KIT-D dead-end jeans; Black [46] (Dyed, fit like 45) - Sold


    CCP Kangaroo Drip Sneakers; (8)

    FORM: AM/2524

    Size: 8 [42-43]
    Color: 010 [Black]
    Leather: ROOMS [Kangaroo]
    Come with original booklet/tag/cloth/rice bag. No insole.
    Well beaten with heel tapped, a lot of life left to go.
    Retail for $1800

    *Note: Small 3/8" crack on the right shoes near the lower right gusset.
    Very hard to notice when worn. This is repairable with an experienced cobbler. (Glueing leather.)





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    Carol Christian Poell; Overlock Dead End Jeans
    2010; DEAD END (010/Black)

    Size: 46 Fit like (44.5 - 45)
    If your waist is in between 26.5-27.5, this pair will fit you perfectly
    unlike the usual size 46 that will always be too loose on the waist.

    - KIT-D Fabric, overlock seam.
    - One piece dead end construction.
    - Long continuous fly gusset.
    - Half detached front pocket opening.
    - Cut out back pocket
    - Overlap yoke darts

    Retail for $1200.
    Does not come with ricebag but will be ship with a dustbag.


    - I custom dyed them with a private firm who use a large industrial dye batch.

    - The jeans shrink precisely about 1 size down.
    (My waist is around 44.5 and now the jeans fit me perfectly.)

    - The color is also now 1 shade darker than the original black.

    - The waist lock went missing during the dye, so I replaced them with the fly button.
    (I've hand tacked where the fly button used to be). It work perfectly. (See pic #3)

    - The composition tag partially dissolved and turned red during the dye lot.
    however- the label and size is still like original. (See pic #3)

    - The right front pocket was reinforce, this fix is not visible from outside. (See pic #4)




    Waist: 14 1/2"
    Inseam: 31 1/2"
    Outseam: 41 1/2"
    Hem: 6 1/2"



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    reserved. new item added.

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