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Thread: CCP Scarstitch Leather Jacket, CORS-PTC, 44 | 11 by BBS Speedcross 4, Copper, 40

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    Default CCP Scarstitch Leather Jacket, CORS-PTC, 44 | 11 by BBS Speedcross 4, Copper, 40


    • All prices include PayPal fees and shipping fees.

    • Unless otherwise mentioned, I welcome all offers within reason. Worse I can do is say no, but I'll try to work with you to come to a compromise that will satisfy us both if that is the case.

    • No price drops as I've set the prices very fair. As mentioned above, feel free to send in reasonable offers.

    • I accept payment on PayPal via gift, prices are listed below for this method. I will happily provide references of members who I've done this with if you decide to use this method.

    • For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to send me a message.


    CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL CORS-PTC Scarstitched Leather Jacket


    Model: LM/2498
    Size: 44
    Material: CORS-PTC (Horse Leather)
    Color: 10 (Black)
    Price (USA): $3400 | $3300 (Gift)
    Price (International): $3450 | $3350 (Gift)

    NOTE: The price on this item is final. Please don't try to negotiate with me, I believe that the price is fair for what it is. However, if you purchase it within July, I will be willing to give a small fixed discount, so please message me in that case.

    • For sale is a Carol Christian Poell Scarstitched leather jacket made from object dyed horse leather. The size is a 44, which is pretty rare (unless you place a custom order which may take years) and sells out quickly. This particular one was produced FW16, December 2016 specifically, for those who care about that sort of stuff. If you're looking at this you know what it is so no need to say more. It pains me to part with this, but as the date for my surgery gets nearer, it may be best to let go of items that don't get as much wear as it should. I'm sure someone else can give it the wear it deserves.

    • Originally purchased by me from the Office. It has been worn at most 10 times and is in like new condition. The new leather smell is still there and it still needs to be broken in. As you can see from the photos, the jacket will come with all the original packaging (metal tag, rice bag, hangar).

    • Please view the following link for more photos:


    11 by BORIS BIDJAN SABERI SS17 Speedcross Trail Runners


    Model: SPEEDCROSS 4
    Size: 40 (fits US 7-7.5)
    Color: Copper
    Price (USA): $185 | $175 (Gift)
    Price (International): $200 | $190 (Gift)

    • For sale is a pair of 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon trail runners in yellow. Not much else to say, other than the fact that they are extremely comfortable.

    • Originally purchased by me from H. Lorenzo. They have been worn out on and off since I purchased them a few months ago, but they are in excellent condition without any major damage. Item will come with all the original packaging.

    • Please view the following link for more photos:

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