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Thread: Harnden, Deepti, CdG Clearout!

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    Default Harnden, Deepti, CdG Clearout!

    Raising money for a new baby and a new winery, realizing that while the aesthetic works, wearing Harnden as a struggling farmer is far from practical. Hoping to find a new home for the following:


    Grey Wool Belted Trousers - M - $1100 > $1000

    In excellent condition, fit a range of sizes, hat below is in matching fabric.

    Grey Wool Oily Bed Hopper Hat - L - $300 > $270

    In excellent condition, fits my normal sized head, pants above are in matching fabric.

    Brown Leather Jacket - M - $1200 > $1100

    Fits 48 best, I wore it as a 50 as well, would work on a 46 with a more traditional Harnden fit.

    Navy Button-Up Shirt - L - $500 > $450

    Purchased new from DSM and worn 3-4 times. Fits a 48-50.

    Grey Back-Pocket Cardigan - SOLD



    Deepti suit in speckled rain pattern - $1600 > $1500

    Fits 48-50 top and bottom. Purchased new from Idol Brooklyn and worn 2x. Additional pictures coming.

    Comme des Garcons

    Coming soon...
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    Hi - please check your pm's when you get a chance.

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    Bump. Make some offers!

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    Bump for drops...

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    you have any dimension for the PH jacket?


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