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Thread: Geoffrey B. Small S/S18 Women’s – Paris

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    Default Geoffrey B. Small S/S18 Women’s – Paris

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    Beautiful as always, such poetic catharsis.
    We hope that people will begin to see beyond the superficial surface of things and understand that there is far more to a design than just the way it looks on the outside.


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    Quote Originally Posted by negroygris View Post
    Beautiful as always, such poetic catharsis.

    Thanks so much negroygris, and thanks as well to Eugene Rabkin and the beautiful shots taken at "Come and Go" for SZ-magazine. For a different view, Guido Barbagelata shot the house pictures from center-front angle, we now present them for your viewing here…

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    Default (continued from above)

    The first theatre/defile ever done in Paris runway, "Come and Go" also broke completely new ground in fashion collection presentation. Discover more about it, along with a spectacular new video by Kris Dionisio and Luca Bragagnolo of the historic presentation posting up soon on our designers and their work thread here.

    With many thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen,

    Geoffrey & team
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    Geoffrey B. Small SS18 Editorial: The Process of Leaving
    Photography by Dario Ruggiero

    View the full editorial on SZ-MAG

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