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Thread: Undercover F/W18 Men's - Pitti Uomo

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    Default Undercover F/W18 Men's - Pitti Uomo

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    Both Jun and Takahiro displayed skirts, i am vigorously seeing a trend. Also, this collection was strong in my opinion, I am really into the nylon printed blazer and the black skirt.
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    I see a lot of strong pieces. That is, stuff I'd be glad to buy. In my opinion this was miles better than the Soloist.

    I obviously like the gloves, although I'm a bit worried about the comfort.

    Anyway, all in all it was probably the most interesting "big" thing at Pitti. +++ We make contemporary gloves and un-essential accessories.

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    Open the pod bay door Hal! This collection rules.

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    Truly incredible work by Undercover in the last few years, every collection is tremendous with a few that really stood out. This collection is fantastic as well, amazing atmosphere and creativity, loving the prints.
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    The show video should be up now on both Undercover and the Soloist websites.
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