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Thread: Geoffrey B. Small F/W18 Women’s – Paris

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    Default Geoffrey B. Small F/W18 Women’s – Paris

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    Bravo! Geoffrey always delivers! My gf would love the hat in the first look.
    We hope that people will begin to see beyond the superficial surface of things and understand that there is far more to a design than just the way it looks on the outside.


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    Default "get set" show video by Kris Dioniso exclusively now on StyleZeitgeist

    Quote Originally Posted by negroygris View Post
    Bravo! Geoffrey always delivers! My gf would love the hat in the first look.

    Thank you so much negroygris, now for the first time, we would like to release Kris Dionisio's official video version of "get set" in Paris here exclusively on StyleZeitgeist with many thanks to everyone who worked on this very special show. Hope you like it, Geoffrey & the team...

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    Great collection ! But for some reason I can't see the video on your last post Geoffrey, I tried on both Chrome and Safari so it seems like it's not from my browser...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.S View Post
    Great collection ! But for some reason I can't see the video on your last post Geoffrey, I tried on both Chrome and Safari so it seems like it's not from my browser...
    Thanks for your comment Mr.S, after checking among our staff it seems to be working on mac platforms and Chrome on mac, but not on some other platforms... we have reposted following the SZ vbulletin menu instructions for you and anybody else having same problems, so now please try again here...

    or here

    hope something works... otherwise, we may need some tech assist from the moderators,
    thanks again and cheers Geoffrey & the team

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    Hope video link above is OK. Now in addition to Matthew Reeves beautiful story posted above from SZ-mag, we are pleased to share with SZ readers our official runway images of "get set" in Paris by Guido Barbagelata with many thanks again to everyone including research fabric master Luigi Parisotto, 18th century wooden hand weave fabric specialists Tessitura La Colombina, the oldest and the best wool mill in the world today Fratelli Piacenza 1733 SpA, the world's best artisan buttonmakers Claudio and Cinzia Fontana, the unparalled sport shoe artisan master Giuseppe Rebesco, and one of the greatest workroom teams in the world- the GBS sartoria at Cavarzere Venezia who built every single piece in the images below by hand in less than 4 weeks...

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    Default "get set" by Elizabeth Creseveur


    We are pleased and honored to share some beautiful images of "Get Set" by the french artist Elizabeth Creseveur...

    See more of her work at

    Best wishes,
    Geoffrey & the team

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    Hola Geoffrey,

    Is it possible to get a copy of the book without attending the event?
    I would love to order one
    “You know,” he says, with a resilient smile, “it is a hard world for poets.”
    .................................................. .......................

    Zam Barrett Spring 2017 Now in stock

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    I knew this garment reminded me of something … was she an inspiration or is it coincidence?
    Great collection as always, btw!
    "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
    -Paris Hilton

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    Very, very beautiful...and eminently wearable. Would "chic" apply? Love the brand and its ethos. +++ We make contemporary gloves and un-essential accessories.

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    Default late replies (better than never I hope)...

    Sorry for long delays. Company demands keep getting bigger and we are now on full-press gearing up for next Paris men's campaign...

    Dear Simone O.,

    thank you so much for your kindness. We are working very hard to create solutions that are both beautiful and wearable and new in an industry that seems to prefer the opposite more and more each day. Your post keeps us inspired to keep going.

    Dear Zam,

    Thanks so much as well, Leisure Center now has the book for North America, give them a try and let us know...

    Dear Nickefuge,

    Thank you as well, we love the picture you posted. But it was actually not our inspiration for the dress worn by Anastasia in the other image. One of our long-time design team members Michelle Fournier, who specializes on our recycle technology knitwear and has worked on almost all of our collections since 1995 when we were back in Boston on Newbury Street, was unable to work this time on "get set." As a result, I had to stand in for her and develop a limited knit group personally in the final weeks of the collection. Fournier, like Nick Giannelli and Lois Dionisio, is one of our greats and it was a bit of a daunting task given my existing workloads and responsibilities running the firm- which is now at 25 in-house employees and moving towards upwards of 40 over the next year- to try to fill in for her skill and creativity just by myself. But as always, we were shorthanded and I had no choice but to do so. After thinking on it, I decided I wanted to try a new idea I had involving our extremely successful recycle design technologies for knitwear using hand cut patchwork operations. The idea was simple, involving merging larger pieces into smaller ones to create new volumes and shapes into a knit patchwork tapestry... but the execution of it turned out to be very tough and extremely time-consuming. We got through it, and the results were quite beautiful to us both on this intriguing long dress as well as on more edited versions of the technique on several cardigans, but we decided in the Paris showroom to severely limit its production due to the difficulty of the technique. That's the way things go in pure research design. So like much of our work it was a technique-derived inspiration first and foremost. We had never seen anyone do it before us, and we did not know what it was going to come out like until the end. Nevertheless, we think your image posting alongside it is really cool and we are honored by it- thanks again.

    I am not sure when I will be able to get back to post in the next month or so.

    For those going to Paris in June you can write to Lionel ( for our show invitation.

    Best wishes to all,

    Geoffrey & the team

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