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    Let’s see your guilty pleasures! What are the items that you’d never wear/buy but you secretly like? I’m sure this could be a fun thread. I’ll go first.

    Although I’m growing more tired by Balenciaga’s hype each day, I gotta admit that I like their "self aware" print series. Of course I know that I am their target audience (super woke creative twenty-something hiding behind seven layers of irony) and it feels creepy getting catered to like that – kinda like a stranger laying their warm and moist hand on your leg – but still. I might buy a t-shirt five years from now when the hype is dead and help out some Grailed-teen with a few bucks, ha.

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    Let me go second... and loud ;)
    All Supreme collabs with old school rappers: I get the PE and Geto Boys ones and quite never wear these, but -most of all- I made secret wet dreams about the Raekwon’s and Gucci Mane’s Supreme tees...

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