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Thread: BBS J3 Leather/ RO geo

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    Default [NEW STUFF] BBS x Salomon Bamba2 / MA+ tunic /

    NEW IN:
    all killers, no fillers -->

    Boris Bidjan Saberi
    Leather sleeveless Jacket J3 (calf leather) + lining LD3112 USED (sz.XL - fits 48-50) > Euro 490

    Rick Owens
    geo thrasher NEW (sz.45) > Euro 299 / DROP EURO 250


    All price: PP as gift + shipping excluded
    Shipping to EU: Euro 19
    to USA-CAN: Euro 29
    to RUS-rest of Europe: Euro 39
    to Asia-NZ-AUS: Euro 45

    info: emilianozani (at) gmail (dot) com


    SOLD: RO, MA+, CCP, Ziggy, BBS etc... see old thread >
    CCP blazer I'll keep it
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    M.A+ Leather Jacket J112 Blue sz.48 (fits small) NEW

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    Carol Christian Poell Lined-Unlined one-Button Jacket GM/2576 WIM/10 NEW (sz.48)

    Form: GM/2576
    MAT/COL: WIM/10
    100% Lana Vergine / Fleece Wool
    Male 2010

    Looking for: OFF MARKET
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    Rick Owens Geothrasher Low black/milk sz.45 NEW

    From FW17, Rick Owens Geothrasher low in 100% leather.
    Six eyelet laces, milk white geometric details with visible stitching and rubber shark-tooth soles with three horizontal lines and "rick owens" signature at the back of the sole.

    Model: RU17F8868/LBO
    Material: 100% leather (LBO, so I think is calf leather)
    Color: Black/Milk
    Size 45 / US 12.
    Fit like a real 45 (fits like a 45 in Ramones or Creeper or Geo).
    Condition: NEW.
    Shipped from Italy with original box + dustbag + extra black laces.

    Looking for: Euro 299 > price DROP Euro 259 + shipping (PP gift)

    Gallery here -->

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    Boris Bidjan Saberi
    Leather sleeveless Jacket J3 (cow leather) + lining LD3112 USED

    The opening piece from Boris' SS15 show: black cow leather vest/jacket with deteachable lining. So, basically, two versatile pieces which could be worn separate or together. Leather is very consistent but soft.
    It isn't getting all the wearing it deserves, so I'll sell.

    Model: J3+LD3-F221+F221T
    Material: veg tan calf skin + cotton lining
    Color: Black/Green
    Size XL, but fits small. Fits 48 or 50 (fitted on chest and shoulders).

    Condition: USED. Leather jacket/vest has no rips, spot, tears, other: check detailed pics on sewing. Riri zippers perfect.
    Just 2 minor issue: the internal lining of a pocket has unstiched/ripped + the cardigan has a small rip on elbow.
    Both could easily be repaired: after the buyer makes payment, I could have them fixed them for free by a professional tailor. If buyer prefer to use his trusted tailor, I will discount Euro 10.

    Looking for: Euro 490 + shipping (PP gift)

    Full gallery ->


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    CCP off the market
    bump for the rest

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    CDG wallet sold
    Bump for LUC Rick and Miuccia

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    Boris Bidjan Saberi
    long Cardigan cotton + wool from (if I remember correctly) FW12-13 USED

    Looking for: Euro 190 - SOLD + shipping (PP gift)

    Full gallery here ->
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    gone gone
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    CCP leather sold: bump for LUC

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    Bump: new items from MA+ Rick Barbara... Ziggy coming soon!

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    Bump before NYE

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    Kuboraum C2 BM Mask NEW Euro 180 - SOLD
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    New pics for Boris and Ziggy + NEW Kuboraum special 2x1 ;)

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    Sunday bump

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    sold out
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    Bump: BBS cardigan sold + pics for Kubo and Uma added + price drops

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    Bump for BBS leather vest + RO geo

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