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Thread: RICK OWENS F/W 14 Cashmere Turtleneck (L) [BNWT]

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    Default RICK OWENS F/W 14 Cashmere Turtleneck (L) [BNWT]

    i will ask you to send PayPal payment as a gift or add 5% for the fees, because i will mark the package as a gift as well

    the shown prices are not negotiable, i believe they are fair and reflect the unworn conditions of the items

    - - - - - - - - - -

    f/w 17 fisherman turtle sold!
    s/s 14 pods sold!
    s/s 18 level sold!
    s/s 15 wrapped shirt sold!
    f/w 17 island dunks sold!
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    F/W 14 Rick's Cashmere Turtleneck


    RR14F2667-WS / the rare RR version of the famous cashmere turtleneck, this one is not slim-fitting as most of his "sized" knits nowadays and not as oversized as the "one size" version. so if you want an oversized fit but the OS one is too big on you, this is the perfect middle ground. p2p 56cm, length 78cm.

    ps: stored flat, hanged just for the photos.
    pps: rick's cashmere is so nice it might be the best fabric you ever touched.

    100% cashmere, black, size L, made in Italy.

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    not available
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    not available anymore
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    added some drksdhw stuff

    i believe i have some killer deals here, conditions considered!
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    shirt $300, tee $130...

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    black bnwt $130 level tee still here???

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    drkshdw tee is literally $120 now, can't do any lower (this is my final offer).

    also for a limited time, drkshdw mollino jacket.
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    all sold, cashmere turtle added.

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