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Thread: FS: Rick Owens Blistered Lamb Exploder - FW07 - Large

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    Default FS: Rick Owens Blistered Lamb Exploder - FW07 - Large

    I purchased this jacket several years ago from a user on SuperFuture; the pics below and size description is from his original SuperFuture listing. I think this is a grail piece and I would not be selling it if it still fit me.

    I paid him $1400 for it. Looking for $1200. If you can pick up in Manhattan today or tomorrow I will give you a substantial discount on the price.

    Thanks for looking.


    Fits me, 48, pretty well, especially once you zip it up all the way, but I think it would work a tiny bit better as a size 50 or a muscular 48.

    Condition is wonderful, some of the blistering is rubbing through but that started happening after the third wear.

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    Would you happen to take trades?

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