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Thread: Where do you guys go to get your (archive) runway photos?

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    Default Where do you guys go to get your (archive) runway photos?

    I usually use Vogue Runway to get my runway photos and pinterest for campaigns etc (Basic I know) - but recently I've been trying to find good quality photos of Junya Watanabe AW06 and can't seem to find them anywhere! I've seen various hd photos of different looks on the internet that are shot on film but can't find the full collection anywhere. Are there specific sites/forums/blogs you guys go to for good quality archive runway pics/videos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supercilious View Post

    Here's the shows... the largest online archive I know

    Bullshit. This site doesn't even have our show listed on their calendar of coverage for the 19th of January in Paris. We have done 104 presentations in Paris since 1993 that have led the industry time and time again, and were the first designer from the US to officially show in Paris and "firstView" doesn't have a single GBS show in their "largest online archive." These guys, like many other services who have been feeding the magazines for years are now facing the fact that the magazines are all collapsing dramatically organizationally and financially and are scurrying all over the place now (including here on SZ) to make a new model for their businesses. The problem is that they only covered official calendar mainstream shows which have been rigged and organized by corporate fashion for the past decade and a half. And so they completely missed (or ignored) a significant amount of really good and really important designers and presentations that have a major place if not the lead place in directional design and fashion. This is becoming truer today more than ever. SZ is where you see the best shows and discover who is really doing something these days, and SZ doesn't need firstView, indeed it is now the other way around. As social media wipes out the magazines, once again content will come back as the key. And if all you are going to cover is what the people running the Federation, CFDA and Camera della Moda, and the multinational corporate fashion interests that own them, allow to get on their calendars, you are going to miss a hell of a lot of content. The calendar that counts for anyone who is serious these days is Modem ( and until some of these fashion photo services start to get out into the real designer presentation world, including non-runway showroom installations like so many of our colleagues from Carpe Diem in the 2000's to Paul Harnden, CCP, MA+, Memoria, Label Under Construction, GBS and others have done in recent years that have led the business in so many ways, they will continue to miss the most important stuff going on out there-- like our presentation coming up on Saturday night in Paris. The largest online archive is not necessarily the best online archive. Quality vs. Quantity. Big changes in the world are going to make 2019 a major shakeout year for the industry. And a lot of folks are going to fall. The magazine business starting with Conde Nast is collapsing and their suppliers know it. Now they are trying to sell their photo archives and services to somebody else who will buy it. But it's a product that's already out there, and that anyone who knows the game, including the endline consumer, is tired of. The real business and the real future is covering what is really happening now, not what Vogue and their advertisers only want you to see- which is what "firstView" is- another mouthpiece for the corporate fashion media. SZ readers already have access to better and far more independent sources and information. SZ is the most important design archive to come along in decades, and this writer will bet that it is a far bigger resource for real design than "firstView." I mean I how much Philip Lim and Alexander Wang can you swallow?

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