Making room in the closet for new items and letting a few pieces that no longer (or never) fit go in the process.

Viridi-anne Sheepskin Leather Blouson - sz. 1
Purchased May '13 from YJP and worn sparingly since; I don't live in a climate where white's practical. Lining is 100% cupro.

There is discoloration on the sleeves and a loose stitch on the left shoulder; I've taken photos of both of these.

Price: 300 shipped in the US

S2S: 41cm - fits a 44 or possibly a teensy 46.
P2P: Due to construction it's difficult to measure, fits looser than Rick jackets I have in 44 / XS / 46.
Length: 60cm


Cherevichkiotvichki Bark Dyed Derby Shoes – sz. 39

Purchased from ln-cc in spring 13 on final sale. Unfortunately, they fit a full size large and I walk too much to tolerate that much slippage.

Price: $200 shipped in US


Undercoverism Boots - sz. xs (outsole 28cm)

I…have no recollection of where these came from at this point. Maybe superfuture? I also have no idea what collection they're from – doing a disservice to this board, I apologise.

Tagged xs, outsole measures 28cm. Based on how they fit, best for a true 40/40.5 or a 39 with really, really thick socks.

Price: $150 Shipped in US



Rick Owens Geobaskets - Black on Black - sz 38.5

You all know these. Bought new ???. Some wear on rear of sole, but upper is in great shape.

Price: $325 Shipped in US