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    any advice on where to look for some nice earrings for men? I looked through the Parts of Four website but didn't see anything too exciting (at least for me).
    Any advice on any interesting brand?

    Thank you

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    Hi, I have a skull earring from Werkstatt Munchen and one from Ugo Cacciatori. I've seen a vampire earring from Yohji, too...
    Maybe check Ann Dem, too: thay have some nice women's pendant earrings.

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    Hey man do you know about ?
    yes he is one of my friends but still I think he made some of the most beautiful custom pieces, in a super rare amount all over the world.

    for example this pieces makes me insane, what do you think?

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    Gaspard Hex creates some of my favorite earrings and he's quite open to custom jobs.

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    Hi jap808, thank you for the replay. Even though I love Yohji and Ann when it come to jewelry I like it to be a bit more abstract. So no vampire earrings for me, but thank you for the suggestion

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