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    Hey guys, as I m always a fan of the forum I just would like to share some of our latest works.

    I would be more than happy to read something about your experience and opinions about our small brand located in Germany / Düsseldorf.

    Also feel free to ask me anything about leather, bags, pattern making or what ever you are interested.

    All the best


    We are devoted disciples of experience. No shallow promises, no false convictions – instead, a lot of unconditional love for true craftsmanship and a strong belief in a creative process which gives birth to something new. Something new that does not necessarily adhere to forced modernity or differentness. We believe that the best does not have to follow a trend. Everything that leaves our workshop has lived, worked and breathed.


    It takes devotion, diligence and focus to produce something unique and lasting. The fully automated industrial society may besiege us with gadgets that simplify production – but at the end of this cycle, one gets easily replaceable goods without any particular value. We decided to make it a bit more difficult for us. That is why our leather goes through a six-step production process that almost entirely does without electricity. Every stitching, every detail is handmade – by the same two hands, to be precise. Our limited collections are not a cunning marketing scheme, but an inevitable necessity.


    Leather is a raw material. It is not static, but reacts to any external influences and is constantly evolving. This implies an even more careful and considerate handling of the material – throughout the whole production cycle. We exclusively cooperate with a micro-tannery in Aachen, Germany. Their method of natural drum tanning has been producing finest leather goods for the past centuries. The result is an indestructible natural product that gets even more appealing, handy and interesting with age. Just like its owner, it never stops maturing. It grows closer to him, becomes evidence of his experiences and a part of his very own story.


    Every idea has probably already been designed and produced at some time in history. Fashion, art and music, whilst feeding from them, suffer from their respective traditions. Yet we believe this is no reason for despair or stagnation. On the contrary: we reduce common styles to their essence, which we reinterpret and perfect for today’s demands. This results in a contemporary design which draws its modernity from its eclecticism. Unpretentious, functional Couture products.

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    Great brand and good to see you around these parts Ronny
    While I dont own any of your products Ive seen them in person and know your comittment to quality and crafstmanship.

    Also happy to know the synergy between you and Tacet
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    Hey Zamb, thank you very much for your kind words! And yes the synergy with tacit is great, and a really deep friendship - will be in NYC next week will try to stop by.

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    Cosign that I was impressed by what I've seen. Good work and welcome.
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    Hey thanks man that’s glad to hear/read !

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