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Thread: Photography

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    Dana KyndrovŠ ( THE SLAUGHTER )

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    Tereza Zelenkova, extremely hard to capture that view ,even this is pure art of silence

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    Don McCullin ,deep look at the movement of the photo

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    the photo movement is second to none when it comes to Don Mccullin

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    Don Mccullin ,no one could explain how he feel the bomb hit his home not the one in the photo, That's what Mccullin do in his artwork,he stole your soul and insert it in his black & white deep world

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    even Sebasti„o Salgado could make the mud to be culture

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkpyramid View Post

    Irving penn 1945, he is simply the might and magic of black & white era
    Maurice Tillet - The French Angel

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    Hi Faust,

    Could you please tell me how I can upload images? (not only adding them from urls)

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    Vivian Maier

    Perfect professionalism in capturing face expressions makes the image speak for itself better than me

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    Pinkhassov - the only Russian photographer on Magnum

    Pinkhassov moved permanently to Paris in 1985. He joined Magnum Photos in 1988. He works regularly for the international press, particularly for Geo, Actuel and The New York Times Magazine. His book, Sightwalk, explores individual details, through reflections or particular kinds of light, often approaching abstraction.

    Tarkovsky by Pinkhassov

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    Rene Burri. Fantastic sense of scale in all of his work.

    Could you please tell me how I can upload images? (not only adding them from urls)
    Go to an image hosting site like imgur and upload your pictures. Then click the '...' on the image, copy the link under BBCode, and paste it here.
    Edit: nevermind you figured it out before i noticed who posted right above me

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