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Thread: Issue loading the forum in Firefox

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    Default Issue loading the forum in Firefox

    For months now trying to load the SZ forum in Firefox displays a Dreamhost "Site Not Found" page shown below. I was under the impression that the forum had finally shut down and I was disappointed but not all together surprised. Now I find out that the forum is still up and accessible via other browsers and that's crazy to me. I know Firefox has a comparatively small percentage of users but it's still one of the major browsers and certainly one of the best from a security standpoint. I hope you, Faust, or someone on the techier side of things can fix the problem.

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    I use Firefox both for mobile and desktop. Never had problems loading SZ forum.

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    We had an issue with a host automatic upgrade that broke some things, but should be fine now.
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    Well shit. Guess I'll have to look into things on my end. The only plugin I have is https everywhere but the same screen shows up even if I bypass it. Glad to hear it doesn't seem to be affecting others.

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    How could you say that firefox is better than google chrome? I think you are the first and the last person on this earth who is using firefox. Please forget the old tech and move on towards our new future.
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