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Thread: Good finds

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    I hope so, those shoes are exactly what I was looking for and I was about to mess up a perfect pair of dress shoes to attain that goal.
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    yep i'm on that :)

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    [quote user="xcoldricex"]yep i'm on that :)

    Looks great but unless the measurements were badly taken it'll be too tight for you....38" chest as measurements = your chest has to be 36" at most....and that's a tight fit for shirts. But since it's a size 48 I'd just ask for more precise measurements to make sure it'll fit.

    BTW shouldn't it be "sui generis" not "siu"? My latin is a little bit rusty but still...

    PS: I just noticed you might have been talking about the Poell pants, if that's so go for it, as I mentionned before while I find his presentation fascinating, I'm divided about the end result (i.e. the clothes) but some of his pieces are truly interesting and this is one of them.

    Selling CCP, Harnden, Raf, Rick etc.

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    I agree Fuuma, I usually expect a 48 to measure up at around 20" pit to pit, trousers at 32" waist etc etc. But Raf clothes often do measure up smaller than that, except where the clothes are deliberately oversized, whereas Margiela, for example, often runs larger than expected. Who knows what benchmark these designers use for the sizes on the labels?

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    good point on the shirt. i'll ask the seller.

    as far as the poell pants, i'm not sure how they'd actually come off- the waist in the front looks a bit too high?

    oh and yes, its sui thanks ;)

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    size 11 undercover boots.

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    I wanted these badly already. The fabric sounds fantastic. As fuuma and you already discovered, the trouble with this thread is when we see something great in our own size, we're all secretly hoping noone else will see it. Unfortunately US 11 is about the most popular size is men's shoes. Who wants to hazard a guess at the price these will go for? So far 14 bids and the price is $173.50 with nearly a week still to go.

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    i think a lot of us have smaller feet on this board. haha. i'm sure the bidding will slow down, its just at 14 bids because he probably started it at $0.99. you really don't see the expensive UC moving off ebay much so I wouldn't expect it to go super high.

    but yeah, its both good and bad. i was going to bid on a burro sweater but someone else on the board, sbw4224, ended up winning. good thing i didn't bid, otherwise he probably would've ended up paying a lot more. and if we keep it in the community we can just sell each other pieces later ;)

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    Haha, thanks xcoldricex. I think except for our inseams, we're
    the exact same size in most clothing if I remember correctly. I'll let
    you know if the shirt doesn't work out, of course.

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    lad musician boots

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    I have this in black, it's a gorgeous sweater. I layer it with a leather jacket and let the laces out from under the jacket. This should also fit a male size Small, although it's a women's sweater.

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    [quote user="xcoldricex"]

    lad musician boots


    Trust the japanese to ask 24000 for a pair of scuffed boots. They have great choice in the secondary items market butthe prices are nothing compared to the rare deals you can find on

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    xcoldricex, i was very set on grabbing that cloak hoodie, but i saw you bid with 1
    minute left. i figured you let me go with the burro shirt,so i
    didnt attempt to outbid you. you better sell it to me when you're tired
    of it! ;)

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    haha surely, chinorlz was going for it too!

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    Carpe Diem shoes on Ebay QrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem QrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    Too bad they're too small for me, else I'd have picked them up :(

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    yep good deals. just a heads up. they size small so a 40 would fit a US8.5 maybe even a 9.

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    [quote user="xcoldricex"]haha surely, chinorlz was going for it too!

    Haha, you got a good price on that cloak hoodie! Solid! - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    haha not as good as a $600 cdiem leather shirt!

    that seller also has a pair of n.d.c.'s for cheap.

    size 43
    also some other good looking stuff by bruno bordese

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