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    Just wanted to get some of you fashion people's opinions on agnes b. What is the general perception of the brand? My thoughtsare that they sell basic, high-quality items for a reasonable price (despite the whole no-sale thing)...

    Here are some pics from F/W06 Menswear from (Theshinny suit looks nice! rubber boots.. not so much)

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    I'm not really a fan of agnès b. cuz i think that the cloths she sells are too common... There's no research in her work, it's just too neutral. Reminds me of supermarket fashion...

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    My impression of her is that she fails to deliver in quality for the prices she demands in the US. I am sure that in Paris it's much cheaper and more accessible. I've tried quite a few times to find something in her boutique that would satisfy me, but just could not. I would go with A.P.C. over her.
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    i'm glad to hear about the quality for price. i was looking at a few of her military jackets which i liked a bit. unfortunately they were more than i was willing to spend and they did not come in black, so i opted for apc instead.

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    seems to me that agnes b. has a little more style than the purposefully utilitarian a.p.c. - i haven't tried on any of her clothes so i can't comment on quality though. i've just walked through the stores in hong kong a few times.

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