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    Felt for sharing some swedish underground labels, they all are quite small in business atm.

    first out so last season

    aw 06

    hmm doesnt seems to work to attach the pic directly in the post for me. so i have to link.

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    I like it, has a bit of a japanse label Julius aesthetic. Pretty cool. I was in Stockholm last year but I didn't see anything like that. Everybody looked great, but vey homogenious - either a hoody+jeans, or a blazer + jeans in the evening.

    As for pictures, try hitting the picture button instead of just pasting the link. Thanks for sharing this label. Looking forward to more.

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    couldnt agree with you you more faust. everyone in stockholm/sweden looks the same. and everyone follows the latest trends.

    hope that SLS and other brands will be able to inspire people in sweden to dress more "edgy" and individual. BTW, the black jeans with strings or what ever it is around the tighs are so hot!

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    I love the name of the brand. Actually, when I read the title of this thread, I initially laughed out loud thinking it was going to be a chance for members to bitch about how people were wearing out-of-season items on the streets. [:P] Something like, "today I went to Bergdorf Goodman and saw a guy wearing a striped blazer over a hoody. Oh my god, that's sooooo last season."

    Anyway, thanks for posting those links. I really like to see the designs and ideas coming from places outside the mainstream of Paris/New York/Milan and, more recently, Tokyo. It is neat to see what is going on at other points around the world.

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    glad you like it.
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    I love the brand's name too!!!

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    in london it will be available at the pineal eye soon. they are making the clothes atm (by hand :D)

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    i only really like the glove, and i probably would never wear it. :P

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