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Thread: Women's Footwear

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    I wear one whole size down - I am usually a 36/36.5 in most brands, but wear a size 35 in really does depend on the style.

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    how are they small? the toebox might stretch in height, but probably not much in length.
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    yes, short length is where i ran into a quandary with a pair of open toe heels and i had to go up a size. with a lot of heels this isnt uncommon though. flats should be more straightforward for fit.
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    Hi all, I'm in no way affiliated to Anastasia Radevich but I'm always excited to share her work. I've interviewed her once and she's a real tough cookie (in terms of perseverance), and a pleasant one too. Her previous work includes the LED lit up shoes which got everyone's tongue wagging, but I must say I love her new collection a lot more. I believe all her shoes are available for custom order to anyone who's willing to fork out a grand or two.

    The Lost Civilisation

    “LOST CIVILIZATIONS” narrates a story of the lost civilizations
    of the past, present and the future. Here is the "Past" part of it.

    The "Past " will walk you through civilizations that,despite all technological advancements, were doomed to vanish. They have been submerged beneath the seas, after the sea level rose and flooded lands that have been host to the humans before.

    The shoe pieces have textures reminiscent to those brought up from the depth of the oceans and aesthetics of those civilizations. The constructions of shoes is sculpted from metal and then galvanized and rusted.

    It took 95 days of hard work to create this part of the collection.

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    those are all insane! a bit too much, i gotta say...

    these MMM mesh / lucite heels are GORGEOUS! although i'm not quite sure how they'd look on

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    ^ whoa, i am curious to see how they would look on as well.

    reminds me of the duct tape shoe

    in all honesty, i am still (slowly) wrapping my head around the split toe. but i am quite fond of the lucite heel, and that color combo is nice.

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    thanks everyone for the answers! i tried to wear them at work. lenght is allright. even a half of inch is free. but they're tight still.
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    google the 'hairdryer' method to expand leather shoes. It might help you.
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    Better too adventurous than not enough
    everyone should strive towards ballsiness

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    those lucite tabis are beautiful...

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    hi, does anyone have any size advice on christophe lemaire footwear?

    these are so sweet.
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    I know these have been posted, but not quite like this:

    Link to blog post/Source

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    Yeah, I'm definitely getting the sex change now.

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    me too... Wish mmm made tabi boots in bigger sizes ...

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    And I wish any number of manufacturers made smaller sizes. Grass is always greener...

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    I tried the MMM mesh booties on today, there is a flat version in black mesh as well. They look interesting but you sure need pretty feet to pull them off. I may take them home with me to see if I can somehow incorporate them into my wardrobe. The lucid heel is gorgeous
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    Ladies (or gents with familiarity) lady has absolutely found her dream boots. The MA+ slouch moto boots. So besides me being broke for the next year to pay for them (LMAO) do MA+ usually run? True to size like their men's stuff? She's a 37 in Margiela and Lanvin, 38 in Balenciaga. I'm thinking a 37 in these.

    Thanks in advance.

    These are the ones I'm talking about by the way:

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    I'm a size 7/ 7.5 US and I wear size 37 in MMM.
    I find m.a+ footwear true to size. I've tried on a size 38 in the exact pair of boots and found them to be wayy too big. Unforunately the store did not have a size 37 or 36 so I'm not sure which would've fit better.

    If your girl can not try them at downtown, I would go with a size 37.

    Hope that helps! They're such an amazing pair of boots. even more awesome slouched down... I would've bought a pair for myself if there was a size 37 available.

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    I would kill for a pair of those mesh/lucite heeled margielas. The black version is quite nice too. They are not split-toe/ tabi though, for those who thought they were. To be honest, when I first caught a glimpse of them I thought and was hoping they were! They also did a solid leather tabi boot version with the same lucite heel (I am partial to the tan colour) but I like the total "invisibility" aspect to the mesh version more- not to mention, nice and ventilated for spring/sumer use.

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    I guess Cristophe Lemaire has french size, it means that if you need european 39 you need to take french 40... correct me if i'm wrong

    two days ago I bought margiela pupmps for 1000 rur = 25 euro
    can't remember which year collection they are

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    ann's contribution to best boots of 2013. preview from h.lorenzo
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