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    i was wondering if anyone has any info on the undercoverism 06/07 aw mens collection. i saw some pics in mens non-no a couple of months ago i know that some of the outfits were undercoversim. the others were from number (n)ine and some other japanese brands. will post some pics when i get my digital camera fixed later this week. there is this one jacket/blazer that has buttoned all the way up to the neck with a tie that is attached around the lapel. looks great!

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    I liked Last year's FW collection better than this year, simply because it was more of my style. This year was much cleaner. I think I might have actually seen the whole UC collection as having seen them from different stores in NYC/London/Paris. Your best place to see the photos are from Yahoo! Japan. That blazer with a tie stitched to it is very very cool. I've tried it already, the best part about it is that it has metal hooks instead of buttons. They have 3 other variants of that blazer.

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