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Thread: Rick Owens

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    Hello, I would like to know is there are differences between the sole of the 'Tractor Boots'.
    I bought a pair of 'sock tractors' online but the sole seems more massive on mine than on other pictures I have seen yet.
    The question is: Is that just an illusion or are there really tinier versions of that 'tractor soles'?
    Thanks for your advices

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    Looking for info on the quality of Babel leather jackets in comparison to other seasons and in general, especially the blistered leathers. TIA
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiya View Post
    Amazing interview, much much better than last week's NY Times interview about his two recent books.
    I didn't want to say this, but, yeah, I was shocked by how inconsequential that was.

    And, thanks!
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