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    Hopefully I'm not reposting someone that's already been mentioned: Aitor Throup. I saw photos of his most recent collection sans an explanation, and after looking him up, I must say that I am very impressed overall. His outlook is fascinating, and at the very least, his newest collection has something which I think so much of fashion lacks: content. His pieces have something interesting to say; as near as I can tell, he is perhaps one of the most original new faces I have seen at least in the context of new ideas and new ways of looking at fashion. In this sense, although certainly not in the clothes, he reminds me of Chalayan, who often tries to find some sort of substance for his works. Chalayan is arguably perhaps more artistic in some ways, but Throup introduces to his process one of my other loves: comics. (I'm a bit of a dork, as well as a figure-drawing nut, so I accept all the baggage that entails)

    Anyway, judge for yourself. Here are two articles that discuss, first, his graduation collection, I believe:

    And the same blog, discussing his ideas on "branding through construction:"

    Finally his website, which is only in addition to those other two far more interesting articles, as they share many, if not all, of the same images:


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    I will pay good money for a skull or pig bag! Very creative!

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    holy shit me too.

    thank you servo for the post. will have to look at all this...

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    I can't wait for the WAYWT if you guys manage to find this stuff.

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    pictures from the ITS#FIVE (international talent support) fashion competition he won.
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    from the interview at dazeddigital

    ...Although the accessories (skull satchels and mask/caps) and shoes are available from The Library, 268 Brompton Road, London...

    just in case you didn't spot it, coldrice.

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    yep. asking someone to call them up for me. :)

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    Holy shit. I NEEEEEEEEEED that Pig Bag!!!!

    The batman sweatshirt is ill too. I dropped Mr. Throup a message inquiring about these.

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    I completely missed that batman jacket. I love it! Let us know how it goes.

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    so, yeah, i love all of this.

    i sent off a message asking about availability/stockists too.

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    I love this guys work, not so much to wear but his vision is clear and he seems sincere. Thanks for posting!!!!!

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    This guy can scetch. Oh my

    However, I'm not too sure about how his comics revolving into fashion. There's a clear context but it feels this is more art than fashion.

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    nambla, that's exactly what i thought.

    this is too comical...


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    i think that's the appeal, at least for me. do you not think carol christian poell is more art than fashion? It seems to me he often considers his art/message above the actual wearability of the garments he produces.

    side note: those are boar bags. vahara is a boar ;)

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    I’d really enjoy looking at an installation of his work, combining clothes on mannequins and sketches illustrating the whole process. I must say I find it less of a success as wearable pieces, aside from the twisting pants in various shades of grey which really hold my interest. Any idea where I could cop that?

    Selling CCP, Harnden, Raf, Rick etc.

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    The bags look pretty cool. They remind me of the Bless football bags, but funnier. The clothes look nice, but nothing I would really wear.

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    Of course when a brand make things that are original, besides from the clothes it draws a certain attention. But when they bring this into the actual garments it becomes more of an art thing. And for the record (I know everybody on this forum will kill me for saying this) I'm not too fond of poell. I like it but I think it's somehow overrated. But people have different taste. In my personal style I like to keep art and fashion apart to a certain line. I think somehow Aitor Throup broke this line.

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    i think its just an alternative way to look at fashion. ii grew up with comics so maybe that's why it appeals to me so much. cdiem boots appeal to me not only because of the leathers used but also because of the somewhat comical shape to them (enlarged upward pointing toe- which is seen in japanese comics). tend to like garments with somewhat of an artistic edge to them- whatever that might mean. haha i take no offense in people disliking poell, his work certainly is an acquired taste and a lot of it is not particularly wearable (i probably like a little more than half of his pieces).

    i'm curious though, what inspires your creations? why all the draping?

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    Yes, it is an alternative way. I like manga very much. The ultra-straight hair with superslim outfits with supersharp shapes. Some of it can be translated into real garments and look really nice and some of it is inspiration.

    There are no greater secret behind mydesigns. I just make things that I find interesting and nice at the time and that's what you get.I think draping makes an outfit more living. especially when you walk. I like to think of my design ascertain shape. And also how the things look in motion. think thats a big reason why all the things are mostly black / simple colors. For the spectator to focus at the shapes and not be distracted. My greatest inspiration to do so is music and movies.

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