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Thread: Leather care

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInformalGenius View Post
    Ive seen a jacket on here dyed by Collibri and I personally didn't like the end result. Maybe things look much more different in person than on the pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that Collibri should be the first option as opposed to DIY. I just think im going to keep it original.
    If you mean my Julius leather, you must be nuts to think the result was bad. Colibri is now reconditioning an redyeing leathers that have been recovered from an 18th Century Russian merchant ship. They can dye your leather jacket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeN View Post
    So does anyone with a Rick Owens leather jacket it treat it OR clean it with anything, or do they just leave it alone?
    Need to push up this ol' thread and post, as Faust then replied:

    "I live mine alone, and my RO leather jacket is about 5 years old."

    So, in the 'short questions'-Thread i already mentioned that the lining of my about just 3 yr ol' RO broke, went to a taylor over here specialized in Leather-products, asked her to fix it and she suggested to replace the lining, not just fixing it. Didn't wear since then the jacket too often, so, a year later now it started to rain and 800 meters (subway > office) have been long enough that my shirt got completely soaked and dis-colored. Complained as my guess is that she somehow damaged the stitches around the shoulders when fixing the new lining, so, probably the water drips thru these seams (just my guess, can't see it), so 6 weeks later she replied that it's simply my fault as i should have treated the leather with a waterproofing-spray and that for sure and naturally every kind of leather will soak sooner or later full of water and water-based colors will start washing out.

    Indeed i _did_ use some Saphir-leather-balm (very gently) two or three times, but i didn't ever use any waterproof-spray full of nanotechnology-whatever-stuff. So, seems like i damaged my beautiful jacket? So, seems like i should have treated the jacket with 'stuff' as without even a few drops of rain could soak thru sooner or later? So, a RO is not for everyday use?

    Oh guys, i'm so frustrated - Also the lining is now soaked with that purple-black'ish color, i.e. no idea for now even how to wear that jacket on the probably most rain-free days of the year ;(
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    here anyone used carat cream? :)

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