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Thread: Yohji Yamamoto

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    I must have that book. What did you think of the writing?
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    ^Got it a few days ago, so I haven't started reading yet. I'll be using for reading practice, so i'm still a slow reader. But I trust it's good. If I'm not mistaken Washida Kiyokazu was also involved in "Talking To Myself"? I bought another of his books as well, which I think deals with the body and fashion (it's called ちぐはぐな身体。ファッションって何? which I guess roughly translates to "The incongruous/odd body. What is 'fashion'?"). The content seems to reference CdG and Yohji a lot.

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    I'll post up another batch of the ones I took before. Let me know if you think the pics are too big, too many etc. There are more to come but it will probably take a day or two before I can find the time...

    a/w 85-86

    s/s 86

    s/s 86

    a/w 86-87

    a/w 86-87

    a/w 87-88

    a/w 88-89, s/s 88

    s/s 89

    a/w 89-90

    a/w 89-90

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    Ok. Here's the big load. Many pictures, but it's not 2002 anymore so your computers shouldn't crash from this! If there's just too many of them, I guess I can make them into links. Personally, I prefer to view all pics in the thread without having to click on separate links.


    s/s 85

    a/w 85-86, s/s 85

    a/w 85-86, s/s 86

    s/s 90

    a/w 90-91

    s/s 91

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    a/w 91-92 6.1 THE MEN

    a/w 91-92, a/w 92-93, s/s 91

    a/w 91-92, s/s 91

    a/w 91-92, s/s 92

    a/w 92-93

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    s/s 93

    s/s 93

    a/w 93-94

    s/s 94

    a/w 94-95, s/s 94

    a/w 94-95, s/s 94

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    s/s 95, a/w 94-95

    s/s 95, a/w 94-95

    a/w 93-94, a/w 94-95

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    a/w 95-96

    a/w 95-96 The SAPPORO Collection

    a/w 95-96, s/s 95

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    s/s 96, s/s 97

    a/w 96-97

    a/w 96-97 The NEW YORK Collection

    a/w 98-99

    s/s 96, a/w 96-97

    s/s 97, a/w 97-98

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    s/s 98

    s/s 99

    a/w 99-00, ss00

    a/w 00-01

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    s/s 01

    a/w 01-02

    s/s 01

    s/s 02

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    Thanks all, I'm glad you appreciate it. It's pretty mindblowing to think about the astonishing body of work the man has created over the years.

    ^will also chime in with whitney's comment, I'd love to see more. The 85 collection looks fantastic. There are only a select few pictures of the collections in the book, I posted pretty much every picture from it (only did some slight editing of the final part of the book, from the more recent collections that already have a lot of coverage online).

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    Yeah I was very happy to see these news. Can't wait to see what he makes of his return.

    Quote Originally Posted by Avantster View Post
    Thinking of picking up anything from this season, wire?
    I was thinking along these lines too; did anyone here pick anything up from the ss10 collection, or are you all waiting for the sales? After having the opportunity to see the collection in person, I started to like it a lot more. A few standouts for me would be the multibutton shirt, the rough "shirt-jacket" with front pockets (i think most of the "rougher" white shirts are great), the stiff grey cotton suit and the super light cotton blend black suit (voluminous trousers and faded print just above the breast pocket). Plus some of the footwear.

    I have also slightly fallen in love with the color block suit from ss09 (first look). I believe you have this Avantster? How do you like it, and could you comment on the sizing for this one? I don't have any real experience with this particular season.
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    the retrospective pictures are incredible. thanks for taking the time to post those.

    i'm waiting for a certain limi dress to be marked down. it is along the same vein as dads ss99 collection.

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    I would also like to thank you, chameleon. It is very nice of you to share those pictures.
    I really appreciate it!

    Does anyone know the Yamamoto-stores will go on sale, in Japan? Anyone knows when general sales period occur? I'm a poor student and I don't have the money to put out for retail prices. I shouldn't even be considering buying anything from Yamamoto. But what do you do? I'm just asking.

    I'm really happy that he will return to Paris. Great news. Somehow I feel that is where his fashion belong, and should be displayed. I hope the design work will revive, and show more inspiration than last seasons. Not that last season was very bad, but not very good either, in my opinion. Looking at the retrospective photographs, the clothes really show more inspiration and soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wire.artist View Post
    I could build an equally powerful sequence of images of he's more recent work to continue chamaleon's row, if you pic the best of each collection it's pretty easy.

    With hard work and a trained eye I'm building a pretty decent collection with "little" money. I like that I'm forced to dig into old collections instead of buying only the latest offering. Not being a silverspooner trains the eye and make you aware of how wonderful is to be forced to choice because it implies creativity, it's not a plain act of consumerism.
    This is so true. With some digging, a lot of patience, and many tough choices, I can definitely see how you can build a great YY wardrobe without being a "baller". For me, sort of at the start of more focused buying (although I've been watching it from afar for many years) it's difficult sometimes to not be a little bit opportunistic and go for pieces that you might not need but fits, are relatively cheap and suddenly available. it's always a tough choice.

    I'd actually love to see you (or anyone else) make a sort of short "best of" of his mens collection from the last decade, in this thread. I think his "recent" work is very very strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wire.artist View Post
    Yohji san has changed his price tags lately, more on the 100k yen range per blazer than +175k yen as usual. So sales are gonna be cool.
    Yeah, the cutaway with the faded cyrillic print is about 145-150k yen (not sure what the long jacket of the same look is) but about every other blazer I've checked is below 100k I think. The grey stiff cotton jacket is a hair above 90k, some of the other one (navy with blue pinstripes) touch closer to 60k if I'm not completely mistaken (not entirely sure about these figures though)

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    Does anyone have the rewind/forward book, and can give some verdict? I understand the format is slightly smaller than A5 size? Pictures only, or intersected with some text/interview?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chameleon View Post
    Does anyone have the rewind/forward book, and can give some verdict? I understand the format is slightly smaller than A5 size? Pictures only, or intersected with some text/interview?
    It's about A5 size, photos only - it was produced as a celebration of Yohji's twenty years in fashion and contains all the womenswear images (non runway) that were produced from 1995-2000 (238 photos in total, from photographers Craig McDean, Paolo Roversi, David Sims, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin). Worth it if you're a collector of his work but I wouldn't pay too much for it.
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