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Thread: Legit Checks

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    Hey everyone,

    Ive had my eye on these CDG pants but can't find another pair anywhere, does anyone know if these are authentic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirginiaCreeper View Post
    Ive had my eye on these CDG pants but can't find another pair anywhere, does anyone know if these are authentic?
    I know this probably isn't the answer you want but CDG has produced so many different lines and pieces over so many years that it's nearly impossible to know for sure. The pants in question are a fairly simple design so I can't imagine why anyone would fake those over a more iconic and desirable piece. If I had to guess I'd say those are authentic.

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    Okay, thanks so much for the feedback!

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    Not really a legit check - but an anyone help identify the season of this Dior Homme coat? Black wool double breasted military style, but with embroidered linear stitching along seams and at back. I can’t really reference many photos from old Dior runways as they were so dark and the resolution on the photos were terrible.

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    Default Help with Rick Owens shorts

    Hey can anyone help me out with these Rick Owens shorts? The labels look just like the ones on my legit pair except the one with the logo— on my legit pair, that one is black background same as the DS label. Also never seen these without a front fly before, which is part of the reason I like them, but if they’re fake imma send em back. Thanks!

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    Hi, can someone check this RO drkshdw ramones
    Not sure about them.

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    Default RICK OWENS Tractor Sock Boots Legit Check

    Just arrived today.

    Can someone(s) legit check them for me? The seller on grailed said to have gotten them off of Yoox.

    The leather smells and feels similar to my other RO shoes I own(bought from ssense, fwrd, yoox, & RO website).

    Better safe than sorry, so I would like others informed opinions, much thanks!

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    What does the E(???) or W(inter?) stand for in Rick Shoes? I never found an answer to that
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    Hello. I was hoping to get some opinions on authentification. This is my first Rick Owens purchase and from the little info I was able to find, it seems legit. However, I'm not a pro and would welcome any insight. I bought this second-hand so it has some flaws from wear and tear (that were disclosed to me). The leather is soft and the label is stitched in under the collar. (Which I've heard, is normally the double line label, but that some collections have variations of the designer name.) Photos of the label are towards the end.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    (Also, if anyone could tell me what year and collection this is, that would help.)

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    Hello there, I need your help to legit check one of 11 bidjan hoodie,
    I want to buy this online and not sure is it legit or not.

    You can fool the fans but not the

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    I have almost identical hoodie (without the two holes on the hood) - looks legit to me.
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    Thanks a lot)
    You can fool the fans but not the

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    Fishy. I know some Chinese here made a fake batch of this very exact same model a couple years back, not sure if yours is from that batch. Need better quality photos.

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