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Thread: Mens Jewelry

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    You don't wear gloves?
    No, they are grappling arts/sports and after you've been training a few years your hands are held together by tape

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    Im fairly new to BJJ so i've haven't been through tough stuff but when i train im wearing MMA gloves.

    Doing muay thai my whole life, so i kinda get what you're saying.
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    I love Fossil, been wearing it for 3 years already. Looks really stylish and many people asked where I got it from which means it catches the eye. First I saw in Lisbon, when I was still staying at our family property for sale in Portugal and since that day when I have opportunity I buy from this brand.
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    Anyone have experience with Parts of Four Talisman Dangle Earrings? Are they as heavy as they look? How do they feel on the ear? Thanks!
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    HOBBY?! HOBBY?!?!?!?!?! You are on SZ, buddy - it ain't no hobby, it's passion, religion, and unbounded cosmic love rolled into one.

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