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Thread: Help finding.....

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    Kind of looking to pay less than 3500 euro, but thanks for the help!

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    Looking to buy CCP black diverging belt size 48-50.
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    Hey everyone! Looking for a pair of Sisyphus Tux Astaires in Raisin/lime light. Size 50.
    If anyone has leads / selling a pair, please DM me here. Thanks a lot

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    Hey everyone,
    Looking to sell brand new C.C.P pentasir sweater in grey size 48.
    Bought from Samsa G. Ready to trade for the similar one size 46 in new condition.
    DM if you are interested.

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    Hi all,

    Looking for the BBS short parka from AW12


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    Hello gents, I'm looking for this old piece from an earlier Julius_7 collection. In black. I believe its from AW2011 Halo.

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    Looking for several Rick Owens items..

    Rick Owens Mollino in calf leather, sz. 52-54
    Rick Owens "Brother" sz. 52
    Mastodon Drawstring trousers, sz. M.

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    Desperately searching for brighter CCP derbies, primarily looking for red, but I would be more than happy with any other color as well. A CCP 6 or smaller is what I'm looking for.

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    I’m looking for someone in Paris to proxy me a bag from L’Eclaireur. Please PM me!

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