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Thread: Heading Up To NY This Weekend

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    Default Heading Up To NY This Weekend

    ...on Saturday and perhaps Sunday morning, to try and attend the Boredoms / 77 Drummers Concert. Should be amazing.

    Figured I'd check here and see if anyone would be interested in meeting up for some lunch / store browsing or for the concert.

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    fuck, is the boredoms show next weekend? i totally want to see it. i'll be in ny, but i'll be with my gf to see a bunch of apartments.
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    Default Re: Heading Up To NY This Weekend

    Servo, you may be out of luck, as most New Yorkers have already fled--or are at this very moment fleeing-- the city because of the holiday. [:(] On the bright side, NYC should be relatively peaceful for your visit. [51]
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    Well, as it turns out, I'm not going to be able to get up there regardless, so I don't imagine I'll be much too bothered. Unless they're all fleeing to providence, that is.

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