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Thread: Gift suggestions

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    my son just got this for his birthday. I use it more than he does but it's awesome. also got the lego death star, a grail of sorts.

    Quote Originally Posted by fadetogrey View Post
    If I remember my brother at that age..... (and if you want to torture his parents)

    some sort of nerf dart/foam ball gun.

    he loved stuff like this, and my dad practically had to wear a jock strap around him.

    but just like anything, it depends on the kid.

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    i'd prefer super-soakers over nerf projectile weapons.

    so this kid? he's gettin' nuttin'...

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    haha- doesn't look like santa's doing too well either.

    Supersoakers are for summer!

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    bah, supersoakers filled with mystery liquids, fun anytime of the year...

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    Man, that Santa is creepy. Reminds of the time I was 4 and my dad came in dressed like Santa. I knew it was my dad but it wasn't like "It's you Dad!" It was more like "I'm 4, why is Dad dressed like Santa? What is going on?!" I started freaking out and crying and saying "That's not Santa, where'd dad go?!?" all the while my mom and dad kept pretending like he was Santa. Then he went out to the garage and changed and came back in. My mom was all "Santa just came!" to my Dad and I went to bed that night with the sweats and the shis all night. No joke.

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    ^-- bwahahahahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by rider View Post
    something to induce outdoor activity, once it gets warmer. a skateboard maybe? with a box of bandaids...

    karate lessons?
    do not encourage skateboarding because it could lead to snowboarding and then other extreme sports...

    karate sounds good, or kung fu, or jiu jitsu...anything to make the kid more ninja.

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    Skateboard is a great idea. I always give skateboards to little kid relatives, and I just got one for this kid who's family we're sponsoring this year.

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    An excellent gift for your partner

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    I sent my significant other this in this Valentine's Day. When she wearing it, I couldn't move my sights any more.

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    can anyone also suggest me a low budget gift for my girl friend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jackson View Post
    can anyone also suggest me a low budget gift for my girl friend?
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    It depends on person. My uncle likes astrology theme, that's why I would purchase something like mystic sphere.

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