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Thread: Small questions thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickefuge View Post
    It needs to be black and scare one’s parents.
    I've recently had cause to go back through my old tumblr archives, where I was most active between 2010 and 2013. That period of time represents a pinnacle for me in terms of the intersection between my heightened interest in fashion - style as a mechanism of personal expression - discovering my voice as an artist/maker.

    Then for several years I felt rather buoyant and lost to it all; and I can't pinpoint why. Was it the move from desktop to handheld media consumption? Was that the final straw?

    I used to engage with a niche but thriving community where we communicated by documenting the way we adorned our bodies daily. It didn't feel narcissistic, it felt like a conversation. Now I can't even bring myself to post my own face on my own instagram feed without feeling dirty.

    My style has suffered. My work has suffered. I feel like these muscles have atrophied; my own sense of self has become watered down in the muddy mediocrity of the 'instagram aesthetic' - where once I could curate my own online experience, I am now choking on advertising thinly veiled as 'recommended content' by the algorithm that never seems to successfully integrate with what I'd genuinely be interested in, instead suffocating what's left of my creative spirit in it's homogeneity.

    The things that used to galvanize me now make me weary.
    No wonder I'm tired all the time.
    some do it fast, some do it better in smaller amounts.

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    Hold on, let me print that and put it up on my wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marux View Post
    Hold on, let me post it on my feed.
    fixed that for ya

    but yeah, well said, ahn!

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    Leclaireur does not ship out of the EU. Does anyone knows any proxy or any way I can purchase from them with tax off? Might even consider proxy and sacrificing tax.

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    Where are you trying to ship to?
    I live in Europe and will be coming to the US (California) in late July. I won't be able to get the tax back (EU citizen), but I'd be willing to proxy for you if you're looking for stuff to get to America.

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