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    Quote Originally Posted by jurassicsnark View Post
    Yeah, I'd love some. I'll be there for a week for work, so lodging and stuff is already set, but any info on shopping, eating, seeing would be appreciated.

    I am actually considering a trek up to Lapland or somewhere that I have a chance to see the Aurora... But I'd also be interested in other small side trips.
    The best restaurant in Helsinki is Chef & Sommelier. Reserve well in advance. Pri-fix only and dinner only, but damn worth it. Michelin star for a reason.

    If you are on an expense account, go to Savoy - power dining, if there is such a thing in the very democratic Finland, at its best. The restaurant was designed by Alvar Aalto from top to bottom. Expensive.

    Other restaurants I liked - SushiBar+Wine for sushi.
    Ekberg bakery for bread, sandwiches, sweets, and a slice of old life. It's a time machine that will take you back fifty years (or a hundred).

    Best coffee is at La Torrefazione. It's an offshoot of the local roastery, Kaffa, but for some reason they do a better job than its main shop. Tip: beware of milk in Finland. Not sure what's going on there, but half the country is lactose-intolerant, and I felt the difference in my stomach.

    Another great coffee spot is a Swedish offshoot, Johan & Nostrum

    It's also in a very lovely spot, on the waterfront at the base of the INCREDIBLE Russian Orthodox cathedral, which is a must-see. If you are vegan, they are famous for their vegan deserts. In general, Helsinki is very vegetarian friendly.

    The best deli shopping is inside the main department store, Stockmann (also the best bookstore is theirs). Another great little upscale deli is Anton & Anton - they recently opened a branch next to one of the loveliest Helsinki streets, Korkeavuorenkatu, which is worth a stroll.

    One thing Helsinki has not done yet is proper brunch. I also wouldn't know where to send you for drinks, actually.

    Shopping for clothing is scarce in Helsinki. Finns in general live modestly and prefer to spend their money elsewhere. I suggest buying some kitchen wares from Iittala instead. Also stop in the Artek store for iconic Finnish design and overpriced Aesop :-)

    Overall, Helsinki is enjoyed best if you are into walking. The long waterfront and a myriad of parks are really its draw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    Overall, Helsinki is enjoyed best if you are into walking. The long waterfront and a myriad of parks are really its draw.
    Thank you for the great tips! I will add them all to the Google Map I am making. And I do love walking, especially when it's cold, so I'll bring a lot of layers and plan to stroll.

    Any great museums?

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    My favorite hobby is traveling, but because of the quarantine, you can't go anywhere right now. Do you know the countries where you can get to?

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